Friday, January 31, 2014

From Janna Brock.........Forward By David Risselada

In Dallas Texas the Muslims plan on building their own exclusive community. If you recall, the Chinese are doing this in various spots across the country as well. This is what happens when greedy politicians sell us out for their own glory. I wonder where so called conservative Rick Perry is on this issue? In my opinion it is an impossibility to be a conservative and support this. Islamic and American values are simply not compatible, unless American women want to wear a burqa and be beaten for being seen with another man. How many Islamic women do you know who don't wear a burqa? I know a few and not only do they wear buraq's they are also afraid of their husbands. America will get what America deserves if we dont stand up for truth and fight for our own rights to exist. At the rate we are going we are going to be the minority in under 30 years folks.

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