Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Unmanned Drones and Changing Perceptions......David Risselada

America, there is some alarming news about the use of unmanned drones patrolling our skies. By the year 2015 there will be 34,000 unmanned Ariel drones equipped with some powerful weaponry and face recognition technology roaming the skies of America. The same drones that President Obama uses to kill civilians in the expanding “overseas contingency operations.” Not only are they are armed and capable of targeting a man from one hundred feet in the air, but some people actually think the president of the United States should be able to use them to target terrorists on American soil, even if they are American citizens. The Attorney General admitted that using them against Americans is not out of the question. This is a power that falls in the office of the executive branch folks, not just President Obama. Presidents seldom give up power. When Obama is gone the next president will retain this power and likely accumulate more. An article published at shows that nearly half the population across all demographics believe the president should be able to do this, on his own authority. ( there is still a majority of people in this country that see the insanity of this, they understand that if one American citizen is entitled their constitutional rights than we must all be entitled our constitutional rights or else what’s the point? It just goes to show you the power that changing perceptions can have over a society.
Since September 11 2001 our psyche has been over whelmed with the fear of terrorist attacks. Terrorists were hiding behind every corner and we had to go fight them over there so they wouldn’t come over here. (That doesn’t seem to have worked so well concerning the communist threat did it?) If fighting them over there was to prevent them from reaching our shores than why do we need unmanned drones in our skies? You see, the threat of terrorism has accomplished one of its primary goals, convincing Americans to give up their liberty for increased security. In order to achieve their ultimate dream of securing a full blown police state they need to change our perceptions. They need to keep us overwhelmed with fear and confusion, and there always has to be a threat. Over the past year or more we have bore witness to more crazed lunatics going on massive shooting sprees than anytime I can remember in the past. Which population of Americans are these psychological warfare events having the biggest affect on? Your school aged children who are being beaten down unbeknownst to you with a social justice education where they are taught that Americas culture of individual liberty has proven to be a failure and a new need for collectivism has come.
It’s all about changing perceptions. If you were to examine all of the recent shootings you would see that at the core of the situation there was an issue that relates directly to pro-gun arguments. Sandy Hook Elementary for example has a young lunatic who was previously denied the purchase of a firearm because of a mental illness; however because of his mother’s big, evil looking “assault” weapon which she so irresponsibly left unattended for easy access, he was able to commit the biggest school massacre in our history. The message to people who are already being taught to be afraid of Americas misguided culture of freedom? “No matter what, guns are unsafe and people are not responsible enough to own them.”  Changing perceptions. What about Christopher Dorner and his relentless war with the L.A. police department where he felt he was a victim of a corrupt government? We saw the use of drones in this case and people accepted it because they were afraid. Not to mention the fact that this incident in some ways mimicked the purpose our founders had secured our rights to bear arms in the first place. Christopher Dorner was fighting what he viewed as a corrupt tyrannical system and he had written a manifesto to tell his story, at least this is the perception those that seek social control want you to have. These events change people’s perceptions and aide in the creation of an anti gun culture. It also changes the perception of who fits the profile of a terrorist.
If all of the people that support the president’s authority to target American citizens understood that the new terrorists are their fathers, uncles, brothers and even themselves they would change their thinking process real fast. There has been a massive effort to change the perception of Americans from viewing the radical Islamists as terrorists to viewing America’s right wing as the national security threat. It is almost a reliving of the 1960’s where the radical hippies sympathized with the communists and blamed America for being the big evil empire while ignoring the atrocities committed by the regimes in Southeast Asia. Today we have a similar thing occurring where multicultural education has created an environment where anyone opposed to Islam is labeled as an Islamophobic. Social Justice Education has turned our future generations into the new Gestapo as they are being educated with techniques like “value clarification” where they are encouraged to criticize their parent’s values and justify their own. These values are the ones their liberal teachers are pushing on them. When you add the fact that the U.S. government actually released this report in 2009-“Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate fueling Resurgence in Radicalism and recruitment,” and the fact that our finest Military Academy is training future officers to believe the right wing is violent and dangerous we have an interesting situation developing. When you also consider the fact that there is a movement developing to protect our second amendment rights it becomes very interesting indeed.
You have to understand the developing perception among some Americans  is that gun right supporters represents a violent extreme group that is ready to wage war in defense of a constitution that is outdated and has proven to be a failure. Gun owners in America are selfish people who according to the enlightened, evolved president do little more than “cling to their guns and religion.” People are frightened by the thought of people standing up for what they believe in because they have been taught that the government will provide for them (think-the story of Julia) and that people with a solid sense of morality would voluntarily give up their firearms because of incidents like the one at Sandy Hook. Failure to do so proves there is something wrong with you. Perceptions.

What we have witnessed over the past decade, since the September 11 attacks is that the perception of Americans has changed. What was once considered the ideal Red blooded American who understood rights and responsibilities, ready to stand for liberty has been turned into a person to be feared by today’s enlightened liberal. We have been classified as “us and them” and now the final pieces of the police state puzzle are coming together. These unmanned drones are going to be used as a tool to keep us in our place as the new world government led by U.N. bureaucrats push through their agenda 21 plans of population relocation and sustainable development. They will be used to crush any resistance to the draconian annihilation of our rights and finally they will keep track of our every movement.  These people have taken our rights, destroyed them, pushed our backs against the wall in an effort to get us to react and have legislation ready and waiting to justify calling us a terrorist because of it. Somehow a huge percentage of this country might as well be a flock of Ostrich as it would take a drone strike on their own rear ends to pull their heads out of the sand. 

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