Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Philosophy on the Left....David Risselada

Over the past few years I have grown fascinated with the way liberals view the world. If we are to ever have any hope of restoring our constitutional republic; where all people understand their “natural rights” as described in the first ten amendments of the constitution then we must, at least learn to empathize with this bizarre world view that they hold. We have to make great strides in re-educating them (before they throw us in their re-education camps of course) if we are ever to expect them to see the light of day.  Understand that I am not talking about the hard core communist left, but the entirety of clue less liberals out there that fall for their deceptive lies. The useful idiots if you will. For instance, the first place to start would be perhaps educating them on what liberalism really means and then ask them to compare that mentality to the leftists in government. The word liberal after all comes from the word liberate does it not? Wouldn’t it be fair to say that our founding fathers were the liberals, fighting to secure our liberation from the left wing monarchy that was the British Empire?
You could ask them how forcing people to buy a product, from a failing system no less, could have anything to do with liberating anybody. The goal would be to make them think. I know that getting a leftist to use their brain housing group is an abstract concept but we have to try.
Another area where we could spend some time educating the clueless automatons is the truth about the political scale and the real meanings of the terms left and right. It frustrates me to no end to hear people refer to Fascism, for instance, as a right wing phenomenon. (All credit for this lesson goes to Jonah Goldberg who highlighted some of this in his book “Liberal Fascism.”) What many people (liberals) fail to understand is that that the political scale goes farther than their own little box that keeps them trapped in leftville will allow them to understand. Fascism is a system of government control where the illusion is created that business owners have some say over their business. Perhaps they do but it is very little, they are working for the government; but because left wingers are wrapped up in a system where government controls everything (communism) they view this system of less government control as right wing. Fascism is just as left wing as socialism and in fact it was just Benito Mussolini’s application of the same Marxist ideas as Mao and Lenin’s communist revolutions were.
Liberals generally do not believe in God so they do not understand the political scale right of center. To them Fascism is extreme right wing; to us however, it falls to the left of the center line. So it is understandable though very misguided that liberals have developed this belief. They must come to understand that the farther to the right you move the less government you have because it is believed people can self govern. It is believed that the morality of the people allows for a system of less government control because people have faith in each other that they will do the right thing. This faith can only come from a solid and unshakable faith in God, which is something the left despises. This is why they fall so easily for the lies of the hard core communists because their lack of faith dictates that they need to be controlled. It should also be understood that real right wing extremism would be all out anarchy, no government at all. This would mean most of us calling ourselves constitutional conservatives are the moderates because we believe in neither too much nor too little government, but just the amount necessary to run the country per the constitutions directives. 
With all of this being said I would like to proceed to my point.  If you have ever read any of my articles then you know I have a pretty big disdain for liberalism in general but what I am about to say needs to be said. I want to once again distinguish between the hard core left who knows what their agenda is and the useful idiots who just tag along because it sounds fair. It is the latter we have to reach out to folks. Anyhow, they really believe that the policies they are pushing are being done to prevent another atrocity that they have come to know as “right wing extremism,” because of their ignorance on totalitarian regimes they believe that Fascism is rightwing and they are working to prevent another holocaust.  As noted above, Fascism is to the right of communism, and all these people see is just the left wing box they have trapped themselves in.
What they are failing to realize is that they are becoming the dependable little foot soldiers of the hard core left and they themselves have become the new “Fascists” as they vehemently detest anyone that falls to the right of their enclosed box. Not a day goes by where the left wing media, left wing politicians and even the president himself doesn’t intentionally target conservatives in an effort to get people to hate them. In fact, just the week the President had the audacity, while on vacation in Hawaii mind you, to accuse Republicans of going on vacation and leaving starving mothers and their children with no help.  
 What other purpose could this fill besides trying to incite hatred and anger? It can only be assumed as the failures of socialism continue to rear their ugly head that the blame games will intensify as will the resentment aimed at those the communists intend to deflect their failures upon; tea party members, republicans, Gorge Bush, Mickey Mouse and anyone else that opposes the new Fuehrer’s brave new world.
The purpose of this article was to describe the fallacy I see in many liberals thinking. I believe that most people are just clueless and go along to get along because that is what they have been psychologically conditioned to do. It is hoped that somewhere in any of my articles an opportunity will be seen to communicate with any who would listen.
The hour is growing late America, and the lies are darkening souls.

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