Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Country Gone To Pot: A Short Analysis On The Legalization Of Marijuana. Of course, This Is Just My Opinion..... David Risselada

If you haven’t noticed, I like to write. Sometimes I just sit down and start reflecting on the events of the day, week or month and let my feelings pour out on paper. Usually, and I think it’s because I spent so much time around communists dingalings in college, there is something I can draw upon from my own experience to give a story my own little flare.
 Here’s a good example. President Obama, just this week, commented on his belief that marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol. That’s funny to me because one of my professors, one I had written about before who had attended Columbia University, said the same lame brained thing one day in class before going on an anti second amendment tangent. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; this guy was actually standing in front of college students claiming that marijuana is harmless. Ironically, he said this the very same day I had read a study which concluded that marijuana damages memory and can potentially destroy sperm production in men. This is not to mention the fact that marijuana smoke contains more carcinogens than tobacco and makes many people who smoke it excessively, dumber than a rock, which of course is why the government would consider legalizing it. Anyhow, being who I was at the time, I decided to put this guy on the spot and challenge his assertions based on the information I had read in the study. He stood his ground and acted as if the information I had was useless, and because he had been a professor for many years I should just listen to him; of course, he is a typical liberal. This is when it all started making sense to me, this guy; this 60+ year old social work professor was….. a stoner. He was coming to class higher than a kite; you could tell by the way he would just go on and on while seemingly glaring off into space, yet being intently interested in what he was talking about, as if he was really into himself.  This is also when I realized that the likely reason so many people have been so misled by Obama’s fairy tale promises was because they are all on dope!
Many libertarians take the position that marijuana should be legalized. For all practical purposes I can’t really name any “urgent issues” pertaining to why it shouldn’t be. There certainly is potential to rake in some needed revenue as, at this point, I am convinced more than half the country is up in smoke. Personally, I feel as if the legal reasoning is the last argument I have to keep my children away from it. Legalizing it would mean there is no “moral” justification I could use to convince them to not try it. No justification that a teenager would listen to anyway.
Obviously, the president is making these comments in lieu of his dropping poll numbers. Word has it that he is considering legalization. I wouldn’t allow this America and here’s why, a stoned society is one that cannot be trusted to be armed. Accepting the legalization of marijuana is surrendering your rights in favor of a false sense of freedom. A nation where everyone is high is much more likely to just go along with the program America. Also, given the likelihood that sales will be regulated by the government, it could be used to restrict your gun rights in the sense that they know how much pot you are smoking, and will be in a position to declare what is or isn’t “mentally safe.”  Here’s another thing you need to consider; do you really want to have the sickening feeling in your stomach that an election was lost to a communist because everyone who voted was stoned?
Many people would argue that legalizing marijuana wouldn’t automatically equate to more smokers. This is hard to determine, you would first have to figure out how many people are not using the drug simply because it is illegal. You also have to consider that the generation coming up would no longer have the legal barrier, and that would, in the minds of many young people, remove a major psychological obstacle. I don’t think that people who currently refrain from marijuana use would suddenly become potheads, however; the potential is there to see the number of users rise dramatically if the drug is legalized. Not to mention the fact that marijuana is known for being the biggest gateway drug, so legalizing it doesn’t necessarily mean you would be keeping people happy and away from harder drugs. The truth is, you would be encouraging the use of harder drugs as legalization doesn’t change the fact that people build a tolerance to it.

It’s no surprise to see the issue of legalizing marijuana being brought to the nation’s attention. President Obama, in an act of desperation may feel as if he would be regaining the support of the millennia’s that he has lost as a result of Obamacare. It would make him seem like a cool and hip president. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that they would actually legalize something that would potentially just make the nation “less aware” of what is going on around them, and more likely to take a “go along to get along” attitude towards everything. Be honest and ask yourself a question. Have you ever known a pothead who cared about anything other than being a pothead? Have you ever known a pothead that would be able to make wise decisions concerning issues like voting and preserving constitutional rights? Don’t let them do this America, its one more step towards total enslavement.

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