Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thanks to the Patriots

As 2014 brings in new challenges that promise to test our resolve in our fight for liberty, I think its important to start with some words of encouragement and thanks. There are many millions of patriots out there who are hearing the call and are exercising their rights to be heard. Its not a pretty time to be an American folks, standing up for what you believe can have its consequences as the other many millions beaten down by fear and political correctness have become Obama's gestapo. I can assure you from my own experiences, there are those out there who detest conservatives and what the nation once stood for. As the reigns of power become further entrenched within the executive branch the danger becomes even greater. This is something that the socialists don't seem to understand, or perhaps they do and this is why they fight so hard to eliminate any chance of opposition forces taking power. Once the executive branch has amassed the power, it seldom lets it go. This is true even if someone you voted for takes the office, the powers of the executive must be brought back in check.

Truthfully, I think by sheer numbers alone, patriotic Americans who understand the roots of constitutional liberty far outnumber those seeking its destruction. While I see many awakening and becoming more vocal everyday, the truth is, the left has us beat hands down in social activism folks. That's what they are trained to do. Having been educated in the field of social work myself, I can attest to the fact that social activism and an indoctrination into the world of left wing politics makes up a major portion of a liberal arts education these days. As effective as their social activism techniques are we would do well to keep reminding ourselves that they are all based on lies. America, we have the truth on our side and the people we are up against don't really believe in any truth greater than their objective, which they are willing to lie cheat and steal to achieve. Not only do we have the truth of God on our side we also have facts that destroy liberal talking points. The problem is, far too many Americans simply have not felt the pain yet or have been thoroughly brainwashed enough to believe freedom means living on a government check. These are some big hurdles to overcome folks. They say that government is the method in which society legislates its morality. Well, many of us are watching, angrily so mind you, while the Republican capitulate to the demands of people who have been caught red handed with their hands in the cookie jar folks. Have you ever asked yourself why? The answer is as simple as it is disturbing..folks there are far too many Americans who simply do not care about morals or ethics period, dot, the end! Our society has become so beaten by the politics of entitlement and dependency any politician commits suicide when he starts speaking of morality and fiscal responsibility. Its the truth folks, if you don't want to accept then there's little that can be done.

Many of you may be wondering where the words of encouragement are. Don't worry I am getting there. America, the moral argument is winning. The patriots are not lying down and those patriots are the ones who feel the swell in their chests and the moisture in their eye while reading this just as sure as I do while writing it. The cringing eyes and the quivering bottom lip which makes the nose twitch with an itch to fight. You are not letting political correctness silence you and you will proudly declare the constitutions purpose is to bind the hands of government, not the people. Many of you will take part in the American Spring that is generating alot of buzz.  This is what it is going to take, the love of country must be such a strong motivating factor in your involvement  to save it that it dwarfs the efforts of those willing to lie, cheat and steal. We have to show that the truth means something and that liars are simply cowards using others to their own political gain. This is the power we have on our side people and this why the Marxist seek to destroy religion and morality, these are their biggest enemies for they know without these solid foundations we are nothing but putty in their hands. Just look at how easy the left falls for the lies of these people. It is because they have placed their faith in man and not God. What is the saying? Stand for something or fall for anything? America, don't be beat down by the continuing lies, for that is all they have. We have real power on our side, we have truth, love and God.

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