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History proves False Flags are Anything But Conspiracy.......David Risselada

A false flag event is generally understood to be an attack by a nation or a group against its own interests for the purpose of obtaining political power, or convincing the public to go along with whatever the group’s objectives are. Hours after the bombing in Boston, for example, false flag narratives began to develop. Conspiracy theorists generally believe that whatever events occur after the events are proof of false flags. For instance, the patriot act was written and passed without having been read by congress mere days after the September 11th attacks. Theories began to surface about how that particular bill has been sitting on the shelf for years and the Sept. 11 attacks were the perfect pretext to begin the “Police State” in America. The attacks were also used as a pretext for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which were actually a part of something larger called the Project New American Century, which unbeknownst to many of his supporters President Obama is aiding in the finishing touches of this project with continued wars in Libya, Syria and quite possibly Iran and N. Korea, all of which were in the blue print for New American Century plans.
 The events that played out after the Boston bombing certainly aided in the false flag narrative as the entire city was locked down and martial law was declared. Police officers in full battle dress actually went house to house fully armed searching for one man. This was obviously done with the idea that Americans would look to government to keep them safe, only there is just one problem. If government could keep us safe that wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Given the fact that President Obama has signed laws that give him power to declare martial law many believe this bombing was a false flag with the designed purpose of conditioning the American public to look to government as heroes. I think it made most of us want to buy more guns.
Harry Reid, after the defeat of his gun control bill tried to paint gun owners out to be crazy lunatics who believe in black helicopters and false flags. Perhaps Harry would like to read about some actual false flag events that are on the record and have been declassified.
Perhaps one of the most recognizable false flag attacks is Hitler’s Reichstag Fire in which he ordered his troops to burn down the German Parliament and blame it on his opposition party. In this case it was the communists. This was the event that secured Hitler’s rise to power as the ruthless dictator that murdered millions.
Many people do not realize that President Roosevelt set us up with a false flag for the purpose of entering us into WWII. Having learned the Japanese communication codes, President Roosevelt knew the Japanese were going to attack. He also provoked them into doing so by cutting off U.S. oil supplies to Japan. The U.S. Navy ordered a portion of its fleet to Pearl Harbor to await its destruction with the hopes of stirring up emotions in the American people and tricking them into supporting our entry into WWII. While at the time I am sure this would have been considered a crazy conspiracy theory, the truth was declassified in July of 2010.
In 1964 we had the Gulf of Tonkin incident that brought us into the Vietnam War. Two U.S. destroyers were attacked by North Vietnamese vessels in the gulf, only it never happened. It was a lie to get us in the war. This was also declassified in 2010.
Personally I find this next example a little more disturbing because of the extent in which the planners were willing to go to get their way. This is Operation Northwoods and it was a plan to illicit support for an invasion of Cuba. The CIA led Bay of Pigs invasion using Cuban Nationals didn’t work out so well and seeing though Fidel Castro had a cozy relationship with the Soviet Union, to the point of receiving Soviet nuclear missiles capable of hitting the U.S.; we were a little concerned to say the least. According to some sources the Joint Chiefs were concerned about our ability to launch a counter offensive in the event of a Cuban Attack so they devised Operation Northwoods as a means of getting the public’s support for an invasion into Cuba. What were some of their ideas? First they planned on using radio (mainstream media) to spread rumors of war. They had planned on using Cuban nationals to attack U.S. military bases, they were going to sink a U.S. cruise ship and hold a fake funeral, they were going to bomb cars, shoot civilians and generally terrorize the U.S. while blaming Cuba. Pardon me for asking but isn’t that about as bad as the communists? This plan was presented by the joint chiefs to the civilian leadership and they flat out rejected it, thank goodness. Many have speculated that this was one of the reasons why Kennedy was assassinated, refusal to go along with globalist plans.
Operation Northwoods was declassified on the 18th of November 1997 and can be viewed in pdf form here.
These three examples prove that false flag events are more than just conspiracy, and that they are anything but false. The history of the false flag attack goes farther back than what was discussed in this article, if you’re interested in viewing the history of false flag events you can start here 
You have to wonder if someday in the next 40 years you won’t come across some news paper article outlining the declassification of the Sept. 11 attacks, Benghazi and now the Boston bombing as pre-planned events. As is usually the case, these events laid the pretext for some political objective.  September 11 laid the basic premise for a police state in America while sending our troops off to fight unwinnable wars. Benghazi seemed to be an attack against free speech while empowering our enemy and now the Boston Bombing seems to be conditioning the masses for martial law. I don’t want to be too insensitive but it must be mentioned that the pretext for civilian disarmament in Britain and Australia was the public’s reaction to school shootings.
Many people will try to discredit you if you sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist however history proves that false flags are anything but conspiracy. Look at the bright side, at least the government will come clean in about 40 years.

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