Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How Am I Privileged? Let Me Count Thy Ways....David Risselada

With all of this “White Privilege” and reverse racism becoming so prevalent lately, I thought it might be appropriate to examine just what it is that makes white people so privileged. I have explained what white privilege is enough. People familiar with my other articles know I explain what it is to the best of my ability, however; it may be time to take a look at just how privileged we are. The pushers of white privilege tend to believe that living in a society that supports discriminatory practices against minorities is what best defines white privilege. Fair enough, let’s start with that.
Supposedly I am privileged because society supports me more than it does minorities, and that automatically makes me a racist. I’m sorry but I believe in content of character and not dividing people into groups based on race. Liberals like to do this and they use programs like affirmative action to keep different ethnic groups separated based on “supposed performance levels.” I guess you could really argue that it is black people that are privileged here because it is mandated by law that companies and colleges bring minorities into their organizations based on a quota system and not actual abilities. How affirmative action could actually benefit anyone is beyond me because all it does is destroy initiative. Also, the liberal social engineers have this figured out to a science; Blacks have the lowest performance expectations with Hispanics coming next. Whites score above Hispanics but below Asians. This means that whites are more likely to be fired than Asians but are not protected by affirmative action laws. How does this serve to give me or my children a status of privilege? How does this suggest anything but liberals believing blacks are incapable of  achieving anything on par with any other social group. At least I believe in individual merit regardless of skin color.
What about hate crime legislation? In 2009 the Eric Holder DOJ issued an order mandating that civil rights crimes against whites would not be pursued. We saw this policy in action as the Black Panther “voter intimidation guard” was set free for threatening white voters with some very vulgar language and violent gestures. White people certainly felt privileged to live in that precinct that day. In fact, just about every group of people in the United States has some kind of statue describing what would be a hate crime against them except for, the white male. Unless you are a gay white male, then you’re covered. It is impossible to hate a white male you see; because we are so privileged everyone loves us. (You should have seen how much the liberals loved me at the University I attended.) I can’t tell you what makes me feel more privileged, being reminded to look at my racism sensitivity bracelet or knowing that the DOJ has declared that blacks can’t be racist against whites. That’s a tough call.
What about feminism? That’s a big one for me. Believe me when I tell you that white privilege isn't just about white "people," oh no. White liberal females have been the victim of white testosterone too you know, so white privilege is really just about us nasty, racist, sexist white men. I’ll tell you what, it’s a real privilege to be the only male in a whole college program full of liberal females and still be treated as if I am oppressing them! Wow, I have been dying to get that off my chest. It’s a real privilege to know that every time I open my mouth some rabid man hating feminist is going to be able to take offense to everything I say and file complaints against me that threaten whether I will complete the program or not. I guess they think I should consider myself privileged to be in their presence.
Here is one that I really struggled to come to grips with but now I understand how it makes me a racist pig. I have access to more hair care products that are suited for white people’s hair than black people do. I would like to thank the great University I attended for teaching me this one. I can go out and find people that know how to care for my hair easier than black people can. I was taught that in a university folks, a public university. In fact I had the privilege of being talked to about my misguided beliefs when I suggested that black people are perfectly free to open their own hair salons. Now we are delving back into the affirmative action realm because black people cannot achieve, they are oppressed victims because of my white privilege.
What about the issue of racism itself. I can’t tell you how nice it would be to get away with everything because I can play a race card. The way I see it we white males really need to organize and plan for when we become the minority. We need to get our civil rights arguments down and get ready to really play the victim because everyone believes we are so privileged. I have really thought this through if you haven’t noticed. The question I have is this. Will the Hispanics that are expected to be the majority be as kind to us when it comes to dealing out the welfare benefits, or do they hate us so much that they will just let us wither away and call it social justice? Only time will tell I suppose. Also, I can’t tell you how thankful I am to finally realize the privilege it is to constantly be called a racist, all the time, simply for exercising a constitutional right that I served my country to defend. That’s a real honor.
Well America, I hope this was helpful in figuring out how you were privileged. I know the people that are teaching white privilege are a little vague about how our society favors us over everyone else so I hope this helps put your mind at ease and gives you a greater sense of what white privilege means so that you may be ready to wear your racism sensitivity bracelet when the time comes. Perhaps you can look for new ways in which you are privileged.

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