Saturday, January 25, 2014

Would You Please Stop This Insanity and End the “Gun Free Zones?”... David Risselada

There was another mall shooting today. No doubt in a state with some of the toughest gun laws; and the mall, being a gun free zone, left everyone completely helpless until the shooter decided to shoot himself.  This is just becoming sick as there are certainly people in Maryland, good decent people trained in the use of arms that could have stopped this shooting before it happened.  These people, if they are anything like this author, probably do all they can to avoid any stores that proclaim themselves to be a “gun free zone.” Not to mention that the state of Maryland is a “may issue” state as opposed to a “shall issue” state. This means that those seeking to obtain permission to carry need to prove they have a good and credible reason for doing so. Perhaps the fact that nearly all school and mall shootings have occurred after the declaration of the “gun free zone” is a credible enough reason.  Not in any state run by liberals trying to create a virtual la-la land it isn’t.
It’s bad enough that able bodied people have been disarmed; but the fact that today’s schools will virtually suspend a child for saying the word gun is doing nothing but creating a generation of pansies that couldn’t defend themselves if they needed to.
I think the gun free zone needs to be reevaluated as an article written by the Free Republic in 2009 clearly shows evidence of a corroborated attempt on the part of Islamic Jihadists to formulate a strategy of mass killing by attacking soft targets such as shopping malls.  Many people would discard this idea and believe that ordinary Americans are suddenly for no apparent reason, going on mass shooting rampages. There is no doubt that the lie of increasing cases of fabricated mental disorders like ADHD and BI-Polar are contributing to these attacks, but with no identified biological factor causing these so called illnesses, how is it possible that they could suddenly increase at the rate claimed? Also, the fact that many of these shooters have turned their own guns on themselves is indicative of an Islamic terrorists MO, i.e. the suicide bomber mentality. Finally, let’s not forget that this tactic just played out in Nairobi late last year as a shopping mall in the African Country came under vicious attack from Jihadists leaving many people dead.
Another strange coincidence is how suddenly the weapon of choice for these mass shootings is a pump action shot gun as opposed to an AR-15. Is it possible that there is an attempt to develop a fear for this most basic of guns in the hearts and minds of people? We already know that pump action shot guns made it to Senator Diane Feinstein’s list of “guns she’d like to ban.” There is little doubt that we will see attempts to portray pump action shot guns in the same light as we have seen the demonization of the AR.
I am not claiming that today’s mall shooting was an Islamic terrorist.  God forbid I should hurt their feelings, I am only pointing out the fact that it has been discussed within Islamic circles, and it has happened in Nairobi. You also have to take into consideration the number of Americans we see today converting to Islam. Many of them go overseas and fight for the Islamic cause against western interests. Is it possible that this recent wave of shooting in America is a broader attempt at probing soft targets in order to launch larger assaults? Maybe or maybe not, but the smart way to deal with it would be to assume the worst and arm people who are the most willing and able to respond to such situations, and I don’t mean the police.
Short of an all out dictatorial police state, which the Northeast seems to be rapidly becoming, there is no way the police can respond to all situations. Good people with guns need to be allowed to stop bad people with guns, period. Any other logic in the face of tragedy’s like today’s is just insane.  This is evidenced by the fact that legal gun owners save lives in the face of potential mass shootings. Here is the latest example. Liberals will never admit that armed good guys can stop armed bad guys, unfortunately there are three more victims of a senseless shooting that will never know if a legal concealed carrier could have saved their lives.

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