Friday, January 31, 2014

Education is the Epitome of Liberal Ineptitude.....David Risselada

Having spent the past few weeks as a substitute teacher, grades k-12; I have to say, it has been a shocking experience. Folks, our kids are lost as nearly every class I have been in either entailed children in high school who couldn't read, or children who simply cannot control themselves long enough to pay attention to anything. Many people would argue that ADHD is to blame for that; however, I'm one of those who believes that ADHD isn't even a real disorder. Even if it was, drugging them up does them no favors and often times it will ruin them completely. 

It is also apparent that this vein attempt to engineer equality is only producing mediocrity, as children who want to learn, and are capable of excelling cannot because teachers are forced to cater to those children who misbehave. Thus, the end result isn't equality but a system that has been forced to teach to the lowest standard.

I have been of the opinion for a long time that our children need to be separated in elementary education. Separated by sex that is.  Imagine if you will for a moment being the only male, a big dominant one at that, sitting in a class room full of feminists blurting out that children should be separated by sex in school. I certainly wasn't going to win a popularity contest, that's for sure. Anyhow, observing these classrooms makes it painfully obvious that these children need to be separated because, well I have news for you, boys and girls are different. Everybody knows the argument here, boys need to burn their energy and girls mature faster and so on and so on. This is true, and the classroom environment is designed for girls, plain and simple. The classroom is an experiment in socialization where children are encouraged to share their feelings and express themselves. This is not what boys want to do. 

The classroom is also a quick study is implementing social controls, as these days the kids are being trained to respond to certain stimuli instead of being taught how to be reasoned with. Even the attendance bell is an exercise in classical conditioning. It is painfully obvious that the boys are suffering the most in these types of environments, perhaps separating them for a couple hours a day and focusing on what makes them different would be the most beneficial. But, what the hell do I know?

The biggest causality of this of course is personal responsibility. Not only does the school have little options when it comes to disciplining unruly children; often times the staff find themselves begging the parents to do something about their children's behavior. Now, I will never advocate for more government control over anything but I will say this; It is easy to sympathize with these people, even if they are liberals, because their hands are tied. Also, because many of them are liberal they have a hard time seeing the real cause and effect of all this. They simple believe lack of funding is causing it all. I'm not sure that necessarily makes them liberal, but definitely tied down by their own substandard education. With no one holding these kids accountable for anything they will grow up being irresponsible. Well, I guess we all understand that's part of the plan, isn't it? 

That brings me to my final point. This is all further proof of the utter failure of the liberal doctrine as our current government encourages an environment where people are not held accountable for their actions. Recently, we have seen Attorney General Eric Holder announce new rules concerning the punishing of minorities in public schools. Blacks shouldn't be punished more than whites for behavioral issues, that would be racist he claims. Well, thanks to that liberal idiocy its time to add the latest social class using the race card as a scapegoat, fourth graders. You see, today, after a week of breaking up fights, sending kids to the office, begging children to listen, making them write sentences, and, being told on because I threatened to keep them from lunch if they didn't behave, I was called a racist by a fourth grade child who shouldn't even be concerned with such a word. There is no way the kid could claim that I was singling him out for being black because there are only three white children in the whole class. He simply decided that he didn't like me telling him to get back in line will waiting to use the restroom and called me racist for "singling him out." 

This is one of the children I spent the whole week sending out of class because he cant sit still and be quiet for five minutes. Oh and he likes to start fights with other kids too. I cant help but think how much better off he would be if not forced into compliance with a system that seeks to pacify masculinity as opposed to letting it take its natural course. That's what you get when the system is run by a bunch of feminists I suppose. 

If something doesn't change quickly than we can kiss this country goodbye folks; because, well having been in all the classrooms I cant see anywhere these children are being exposed to the reality they face emerging from the school system. In other words, the system really is preparing them for nothing but indentured servitude disguised as freedom. 

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