Saturday, February 1, 2014

From Fellow Freedom Outpost Contributor, Mac Salvo.......Forward by David Risselada

I think Gerald Celente lays it out pretty well here. Claiming that an economic collapse isnt coming, but already here, he warns of the serious trouble we face. Its easy to see his view point. I think many of us are awaiting the one  defining moment where the economy collapsed and the shtf. We are the proverbial frog in the boiling pot of water as our anticipation for this one event may prevent us from seeing that we are already in the middle of it. My monthly city bill for water and trash, for example, has risen from an affordable 50-60 dollars a few years ago to a whopping 130 dollars. Do I need to mention the price of food? A few years ago I was getting stressed out because 5 days of food for a family of four was nearly 200 dollars, today it costs nearly 75.00 just to prepare a meal and get a few essentials like cereal milk and bread that will last through the weekend. There are people who still believe that this isn't due to debt and inflation. They believe that Obama is still working really hard to "fix it." They are idiots and need to be woken up lest they drive us right into extinction due to their stupidity.

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