Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday Dose of Liberalism....Three Examples of Epic Failure....David Risselada

This is one that usually pulls my heart strings, as I have seen first hand the extent in which this is true. Children across the western world are having their lives destroyed so pharmaceutical companies can rake in huge profits. The idea of prescribing adolescent children powerful anti psychotic medication is criminal, and these people should be arrested and jailed. It is their wealth that should be redistributed back to the families of the lives they destroyed. In the U.S. these medications can cost upwards of a couple hundred dollars for one prescription and they generally do nothing but create the conditions for further medication. An entire generation of kids is going to grow up with the classification of being mentally ill, and addicted to these drugs simply to further enrich the companies that produce them. Not only is this an epic fail of liberalism, it is an epic fail of humanity.

I have always thought of multiculturalism as the "epic fail" of liberalism. There is simply no way multiple cultures can live in the same geographic region without some form of assimilating value. The United States as a "melting pot" is far more preferable than a multicultural United States because the latter involved many different cultures who shared Americas ideals of freedom and liberty, which of course, not all cultures do. Multiculturalism destroys this assimilating value. Anyway, in this example a woman is fiercely defending the rights of cultures to engage in female gender mutilation, because to ban such a practice would be an attack on the cultural practices and norms of these societies. In one breath liberals cry about a "war on women" but to speak out against such brutality would surely have this woman calling you a hater and a bigot as well. Epic fail.

The mentality of liberals never ceases to amaze me. In an attempt to halt the spread of disease in Vancouver Canada, a non profit social agency has installed the cities first "crack pipe vending machines." Why, you might ask? Well its simple silly, because the more easily drugs are to obtain, the less the people use them says one study conducted on the matter. The vending machines are intended to allow addicts to access more than one pipe a day. Many districts which supply their addicts with pipes have severe one pipe per day limits, in order to spread disease of course.

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