Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Proof That Liberals Are Idiots....Forward by David Risselada

Here is an article that literally proves the idiocy of liberals. Mohamed Masmari, an Arab Cultural Ambassador for the Obama State Department was literally caught red handed burning a gay club to the ground. We all know how Muslims view homosexuality and how they deal with it overseas. Yet somehow, liberals in this country who accuse conservatives of hating gay people literally turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed against gay people by Muslims. 

If you have ever wondered why this is so its actually pretty easy to understand. The Muslim culture of collectivism is admired by liberal leftists because it presents itself as a better vehicle for implementing a centralized government, plus it provides liberals with the opportunity to prove how tolerant they are in their fabricated world of multiculturalism. Never mind that conservatives are not likely to run around committing mass murder by burning a club to the ground. We know from our experience with mass shootings that only liberals do this. This is just another inconvenient fact that gets in the way.

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