Friday, February 7, 2014

It Will Take Resolve and Intestinal Fortitude so Reach Down and Grab A Hold!.....David Risselada

In this brief article concerning U.N. Resolution 2117, Fred Brownbill, president of The save America Foundation lists the 46 senators who support the ratification of the U.N. small arms treaty and, voted to give your guns to the U.N. As you review the list take note of the fact that they are all Democrats. While many people are well aware that the U.N. attempts to strip us of our sovereignty are real, there are many, including gun owners who maintain an "It will never happen here" attitude. This is foolish as it will take every one of us standing for our rights to prevent this from happening. Folks, civilian disarmament is the number one policy initiative driving this administration, as well as those behind the efforts to merge us into the "global government" of the U.N.  While it isn't apparent on the surface, the continuous efforts to employ reverse psychology propaganda, the constant pressure on conservatives and gun owners, the Harry Reid rule changes in the senate, Agenda 21 and sustainable development and the destruction of the economy, and the welfare nanny state all  revolve around creating the conditions to amass the necessary power to pull this off. To use one of Rush Limbaugh's favorite lines, "Don't doubt me on this."  

America, holding on to our nation and standing for our rights is likely to take an ugly turn, and its going to take some serious resolve and intestinal fortitude to do it. This is something that has been on my mind for a long time. Many people have grown fond of using the term "molan labe," meaning come and take them. Folks, I have news for you, that's exactly what they intend to do. If you haven't noticed our police forces are becoming alarmingly powerful. They might as well be local military forces at this point. The Department of Homeland Security is attempting to take control of local police while putting pressure on those they know may not comply. How many rounds of ammunition has the government purchased? Tell me something? Why does the post office need the government buying ammo for them? Serving simple arrest warrants now involves an entire swat team that might as well be an infantry squad. Finally, remember what happened in Boston after the bombing? Massachusetts was the birth place of our revolution against British Tyranny, and liberty died the day militarized police went door to door forcing people from their homes at gun point, in search of one terrorist. Talk about psychological warfare. They are intent on finishing what they have started, and that is merging the U.S. into a position of servitude under U.N. authority.

None of this means they are going to be successful, but understand that it will get worse before it gets better. If we don't do our part to get everyone involved and awaken them to this danger than we may lose everything. Remember, all liberals are not necessarily hard core leftists folks. Most people would reject hard core liberalism if they really knew what it was, if they understood it is just a nice word for totalitarianism. It's up to us to step up to the plate, educate those that would listen and prevent this from happening. Its not going to be easy. Imagine if you will a moment that the economy does crash, you and your family are hungry, and down the road you see government trucks giving food in exchange for weapons. Then you see families get on these trucks because they are told they are going someplace safe. How long could you resist that? Its something you have to think about. 

I didnt necessarily write this article to alarm you, but rather to get to understand the reality we face. If we intend to stand for our liberties then we need to start now, not tomorrow. We are a day late and a dollar short and the left is on the precipice of completing what they have started. They are so close, the only thing standing in their way is 80,000,000 lawful gun owning, liberty loving, God fearing, Constitution defending, red necked Americans.

The link below is a brief analysis of the U.N. Treaty I had written some time ago and posted at The Radical Conservative

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