Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Listen to this radio show about unions and communists from Sara Marie Brenner....Forward by David Risselada

Sara Marie Brenner displays an in depth knowledge of communism and the tactics that have been employed in order to implement "communist friendly" agendas across the world. A couple of points I think need to be highlighted because they sort of echo some issues that I have discussed to some lengths as well. 

The communist movement is deeply entrenched in the worlds political infrastructure, and its history goes all the way back to the early days of the Soviet Union. I have mentioned in several articles The Frankfort School Of Social Research, Sara eludes to the Lenin Institute of Higher Learning, which you can rest assure that I will be posting more on that very soon! From here an elaborate network of subversive infiltration has been established across the globe.She also points out the fact that communists use as a tactic, a method of accusing us of what they are doing, in order to project blame. I once referred to this to as "Critical Projection Theory." Sara describes it in the same manner by saying the left "projects" their ideas on to the right as if it was our idea in order to make us appear as the oppressor. 

I also learned a bit from this great broadcast as she went into great depth concerning the extent in which communists have infiltrated our labor unions. I didn't know this, but up until 1995, communists were banned from labor unions. It was during the Clinton Administration that they were welcomed back in and began planning many of the policy initiatives we see being implemented today. 

Sara Marie Brenner is on Heartland talk radio every day from 3-4 at

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