Saturday, February 1, 2014

From Fellow Freedom Outpost Contributor, Janna Brock.....Forward by David Risselada

If this doesn't signify the complete incompetence of our government than I don't know what else would. Janna Brock reports on the fact that weapons being provided by our government to Syrian rebels are falling into the hands of four year old children being trained to fight. 

This also goes to show the height of liberal hypocrisy as the liberal media will be running a report on how easily children can access guns in the homes of Americans. Liberals have a field day when pictures of children  being taught the values of human life, responsibility and safety through responsible gun ownership are showed. Yet, in order to cover up the idiocy of the Obama administration arming Muslim terrorists that we have fought in order to achieve their Muslim caliphate, we hear not a word of this from the liberal media. 

Considering the other article just written by Janna concerning Muslim communities in the U.S., and the dire warnings of coming riots and civil unrest, we have to consider the possibility that we could soon see this here as well. It is no secret that many of the thousands of mosques across the U.S. are engaged in teaching jihad and subterfuge as a means of taking over our culture.

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