Monday, February 24, 2014

A great example of the dangers of operant conditioning.......David Risselada

(Before launching his communist revolution against the Russian people, Vladimir Lenin approached Ivan Pavlov and asked him to apply the conditioning techniques that he had tested on dogs on the people of Russia so that they would accept his communist vision.)  

I want to talk about this great piece posted at Storm Clouds Gathering. (linked below) I have a lot of admiration for the man who sponsors this site because it seems we think alike in a lot of ways. We both focus a great deal on the psychology and mental conditioning involved in forcing tyranny upon an unsuspecting population. There are a few things that I disagree with him on; however, as far as this piece goes I believe that he is dead on, and it is something that needs to be brought before the entire nation.

The Obama administration recently announced that they would be executing a targeted drone strike against an American citizen overseas, in Pakistan, who has been accused of terrorism. If you remember this also happened in 2010 with the execution of Anwar Alawaki  and his sixteen year old boy. What the author of the piece (which is linked below) is alluding too is that the target really isn't a terrorist in Pakistan, the target is you and I, or anyone who stands in the way of an all powerful centralized government. If you doubt this then you need to ask yourself some serious questions. Why, for instance, is there such an effort to label political conservatives, gun owners, pro lifers, or anyone who questions King Obama as a terrorist? If you need to reaffirm this fact just read the report that I have made available at the right hand of the screen. This is exactly as Storm clouds Gathering explains it to be, mental conditioning designed to make Americans accustomed to accepting death by government without due process. A mental association is being reinforced in which Americans will treat the assassination of other Americans who have been classified as terrorists as being the "new normal." If you doubt this you need to ask yourself another question. Where is the opposition to this?

I think we are further along in this mental conditioning than even Storm Clouds Gathering acknowledges. I remember as a student in 2010, I was very alarmed that the Obama administration was targeting Anwar Alawaki  and I made sure people knew I was alarmed. I understood back then that this would continue, and to see the way things have progressed from 2001 and the signing of the patriot act to now, well, it seems things are going as planned for those implementing this tyrannical design. Anyway, I posted printouts of the news story all over campus and they were taken down because liberals were offended that someone would speak out against Obama. A whole campus full of people who are likely to be in positions of influence someday were already perfectly O.K. with the fact that Obama was targeting a "terrorist overseas" who was also an American citizen. Do you think that those who falsely identify themselves as "liberal" will care when the drone strikes are turned on political dissidents in the U.S. because they have been identified as terrorists? This is serious stuff America and yet a great deal of our population is still walking around as if Obama just gave them their favorite lolly pop. In other words we have a nation full of adult adolescents who have been trained to only care about themselves in order to make this transition to socialism easier.  GOD help us!

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