Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Culture Changing Pop-Tart, Part Two.......David Risselada

I once wrote an article entitled "The Culture Changing Pop-Tart," which can be viewed here The article was written in response to the incident where a young child was suspended from an elementary school for biting a pop-tart into a gun shape. The most ridiculous aspect about the whole ordeal was that the kid didn't even intend to do this. In fact he claimed he was trying to make a mountain and his teacher panicked, assuming he was attempting to make it look like a gun. This teacher represents the perfect example of the type of sissified, nanny state mentality we have in America today. Panicking over a pastry, brilliant. I called the school and asked them what their intention was and what they hoped to accomplish by trying to make everyone afraid of a gun. They hung up on me, which is clearly a sign of their superior intelligence on this matter.

Sadly, this was not the only incident in which children have been suspended for "non-gun" gun offenses. Over the course of 2013 children were suspended from school for playing air soft in their own front yards, bringing action figures with laser guns to school, and playing cowboys and Indians with the ever so frightening finger pistol. Clearly, there is an ongoing attempt to condition these young people into hating guns so they will readily surrender their second amendment rights to the government. If this isn't bad enough, a culture of fear is  being reinforced through the conducting of "intruder on campus drills."  The idea of conducting these drills isn't a bad one necessarily, I am certainly not suggesting that these children be taught to go face an intruder; however, an environment of panic is the result of these drills, and panic is not how you deal with any threat. These children are likely to grow up completely clueless about the second amendment, (unless you as parents are involved in educating your children) while being conditioned to automatically assume that they need to wait on government to help them in emergency situations.

Luckily, someone is doing something about this. A Florida representative has introduced legislation called the "Pop-Tart Bill" which is explicitly written to prevent these ridiculous incidents from happening. I like the name because it goes to the heart of just how ridiculous some of these left wing policy initiatives are. It turns the logic of liberal politicians on its head. A representative from my own state of Oklahoma has introduced some pro gun legislation and called it the "Piers Morgan" act, if passed this would strip the need for licensing in order for law abiding Oklahoman's to carry a  firearm. This is another great example of using the lefts own tactics of ridiculing the opposition.

Remember, available to watch here at The Radical Conservative is a video of Eric Holder admitting his intentions to brainwash people into developing a different attitude about guns. These vain attempts to socially engineer panic at the mere mention of the word "gun" among our school children are obviously party of this effort. Its up to us to pay attention to what is going on in our schools and call them out for exercising such poor judgment in implementing these ridiculous policies. After all, suspending a child for biting a pop tart into the shape of a gun isn't going to make the next mad man notice the "Gun Free Zone" sign posted on the front door of most schools.

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