Monday, February 10, 2014

The Highlight of Liberal Lunacy.....David Risselada

It appears this Ohio National Guard unit is scared to death of offending Islam. Instead of  training to fight the people who have a real desire to maim and kill Americans, they are staging a drill in which they are fighting Americas "extreme right wing patriots." You know, the ones who simply wish to see government obey the Constitution and exercise fiscal sanity? This type of political correctness demonstrates the backwards lunacy of liberal thinking.

According to the article, this unit also trained fighting left wing extremists as well; however, that was too offensive and many liberals complained. We all know what happens when you offend a Muslim; so that's out of the question. So, they chose to engage in a mock battle against the one group that is so intolerant, nobody has complained about it at all. Americas right wing Christians; and if you have read the DHS report available at the right hand of the screen you would see that "right wing  Christians" are terrorists because we oppose the nations first black president, believe in limited government, support the second amendment and finally, because we are selfish enough to believe in individual rights.

Hopefully, this unit is smart enough to realize they are pawns in a politically correct game in which it is believed they can be conditioned to follow any orders. The sad fact is that many troops today are ignorant of what the Constitutional oath means and will follow illegal orders if given. What they must understand is that any action they take against an American family will likely be executed against their own by another clueless soldier just "doing what they are told." 

I have developed an interesting perspective over the past couple of years. Paying attention to the psychological aspects of the Iraq war, the incidents at Abu Graib, troops going house to house in search of weapons, and the enormous amount of stress that comes from constant exposure to roadside bombs has led me to think that maybe the whole thing was a big experiment in mental conditioning. Perhaps it was a big exercise in martial law to condition the troops to simply follow orders when the time came to implement it here. Or, at least learn what steps would need to be taken to ensure troops would follow orders that went against their conscience. Remember, even West Point has gone as far to suggest to future military officers that Americas biggest threat comes from "right wing extremists." Is that something we should just ignore? Not when platoon sized elements are being ordered to conduct drills simulating battles against the Tea Party. Not when we have one political party that tells any lie it can to convince its base that everything is the "conservatives fault."

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