Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Former Anti Gun Police Chief Changing His Tune......Forward by David Risselada

Here is a guy I can respect. Detroit police chief James Craig is under some heavy criticism for his support of responsible law abiding citizens carrying firearms. Opponents of Michigan's already existing open carry law insist that his support for an armed citizenry only creates the conditions for vigilantism. Sticking to his guns, Craig not only cites the differences in crime rates between pro gun and anti gun states, but also highlights the fact that Detroit is a city where people are hijacked at gun point. Its obvious that these criminals would see an armed populace as a deterrent to committing these crimes.

Craig admits that this pro gun stance is the result of a change of heart, as he is known for routinely denying Detroit citizens a CCW permit. In other words he used to take an hard anti gun position. It was his observation of California's strict gun laws and high crime rates compared to more gun friendly areas of the country that changed his mind.

I will never understand how people could be against responsible gun ownership. To willingly give up your rights to protect your own life, and advocate for laws that support criminals is the epitome of what makes liberals mentally ill. I cant help but wonder if many of these people actually fear their own lack of self control when it comes to handling a firearm. Is it possible that they view themselves as "loose cannons" and therefore, project this image onto the rest of us? Do liberals lack the confidence required to handle firearms due to their propensity to react purely based on emotion rather than reason? We all know that liberals are often times driven by hatred and anger so this little theory makes sense to me.

In light of so many public officials who choose to side with political correctness, it is refreshing to see this police chief having a change of heart on his original "anti gun" stance. It shows that if presented with facts, if given an opportunity to thoroughly review all available information, people can make logical decisions. 


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  1. You know it seems that in nearly EVERY Case of Mass Shooting the perpetrator is an avowed liberal or socialist. They all tend to be Democrats so perhaps there is something to the idea that Liberals project their own fear of lack of self control on everyone else.