Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Liberals Programs Don't Empower, They Destroy.....Forward by David Risselada

While a student in a social work program one of the biggest issues revolved empowerment of oppressed peoples. Since social work is a field dominated by liberals, this usually meant everyone but the white male was oppressed by the big bad United States and its evil economic system. I would literally drive myself crazy trying to figure out how these people who believed in empowering others could support Obama to the extent they do because he does nothing but create dependency. Well, as I discovered, these people believe that the government has a role in caring for everyone and would prefer communism as opposed to freedom. The biggest issue revolved around the health care law. I would argue that it would create more dependency and like other welfare programs, create disincentive to work by cutting benefits if an individual improves their lot in life. That's exactly what it does according to this report. The big question still remains that I challenge any liberal to answer. How does destroying independence and creating "dependence upon government" empower anyone?

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