Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday morning analysis of minimum wage hike.......David Risselada

The congressional budget office has once again, released a report detailing the potential job loss resulting from one of Obama's decisions. In this case it is the raising of the minimum wage. A potential one million people may lose their minimum wage jobs because their employers cannot afford to pay more than that. The potential to see many business's closing is also high as government by excessive regulatory fiat is taking its toll. As usual, the left is silent, well for the most part anyway. The White House boldly declared that they disagree with the CBO's assessment, well because as you can imagine, they are The White House and they simply know better. 

I would like to point out a few things here in the best way I know how; by highlighting the Alinsky methodology in this madness. The left knows that raising minimum wage would be disastrous, they don't care, they are simply looking to obtain power by discrediting their opponents. By appealing to the poor for support they can be sure that this issue will become emotionally charged and treated like a civil rights issue. The people involved are not educated enough to understand that minimum wage jobs are a stepping stone, and,  the minimum wage job they are performing is only worth the minimum wage to the employer. In other words, they are not considering the costs to the employer. They have been conditioned to believe they are being exploited by the rich.

 Sadly, they may never realize the extent in which they are being exploited by rich greedy people, namely the democrats they vote for. 

The left is counting on employers to cut hours and close business's because that gives them the perfect excuse to demonize them for being selfish and wanting to hoard their excessive profits. This falls right inline with the overall agenda of discrediting the capitalist system. They will be making people beg for more government control as the consequences of this incredibly stupid policy take hold and wreck further havoc on the economy. In the meantime, people who have demanded an increase of the minimum wage for their job flipping burgers, which is a great starter job, will be shocked as employers are forced to make decisions that will allow them to recover costs and save money. They will likely be the first to ask why their Big Mac suddenly costs ten dollars. They will then go to the government and demand they take action to make Big Mac's more affordable. 

In the end, turning to the government for solutions is exactly what the government wants you to do. In essence, all of these issues force us into a no win situation as any reaction to the insane policies of this radical administration can only be beneficial to a government that is a master at exploiting them.

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