Thursday, February 6, 2014

Im being accused of Hate Speech.....David Risselada

I will never understand how liberals can get away with accusing people of hate speech. A person wrote me this morning and said he was reporting my blog about the Muslim burning down a gay club as hate speech. How is this hate speech when I am pointing out the hatred of a man who actually burned the club? This truly gives credibility to the title of the blog as the fact that the man who burned the club obviously is the one who hates gay people. I have never hurt a single gay person, ever, but I am the hater for hurting someones feelings. Brilliant. The guy wrote me and said that Muslims that hate gay people are "bible thumping" conservatives and because I pointed out the fact that perhaps they are "Conservatives" in the sense they are seeking to CONSERVE their own culture of hating gay people, and liberals in America tend to ignore the atrocities they commit, I am being accused of hate speech. I guess these days anything that offends the fragile sensibilities of liberals is hate speech.

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