Monday, January 6, 2014

When Republicans make Deals with the Devil......David Risselada

Many Americans find themselves wondering why the Republican Party is lying down like a wounded dog in the face of Obama’s increasing power grabs. Scandal after scandal and the best the GOP has done so far is finding Eric holder in contempt of congress. A window of opportunity is rapidly closing for the republicans as the continued discontent of Obamacare is all but washed away from the mainstream media amid claims of a new and improved website, at the cost of billions to the tax payer no less.  True conservative Americans understand however, that the GOP is a generic brand that lost its flavor long ago. Infiltrated by the same leftists that have turned the democrat party into a bunch of rabid socialists, the republicans are rapidly losing the support of their constituency and it is likely that a push for a third party will soon begin. The problem is, far too many Americans don’t know or simply have forgotten how rotten the GOP really is.
Would you like to be reminded why the republicans won’t lift a finger to challenge the rampant voter fraud in the 2012 elections? They are barred from doing so according to a law suit filed against them in 1981 by the Democrat Party. You see, while you and are continually referred to as being racist for questioning Obama; and the Democrats continually play the race card in order to eliminate voter ID laws, it seems this is something that the Republican Party has actually brought to bear upon us in the New Jersey  gubernatorial elections of 1981. The Republican Party literally did attempt to disenfranchise minority voters in an attempt to manipulate the vote. Obama and his radical leftists are using this to their fullest advantage as one of the terms of the lawsuit was in fact, an agreement between the RNC and the DNC that the republicans would not pursue voter fraud until this decision has been reversed by a federal appeals court. Well, guess who appointed the judge the republicans had to appeal to in the 2012 elections for reversal? You got it, President Obama. Folks, the democrats have been planning these victory’s for 30 years all because these republicans had to be the racist, vote denying scum bags the democrats always accuse them of being.  You can read the full story of this account here

This story was real upsetting to me because of the way the radical leftist professors I had to endure kept referring to the republicans as being racist. I came running to their defense telling stories of how the republican party was founded to free the slaves and how it was a republican president that achieved desegregation. It appears, for all practical purposes in this incident anyways, that the republicans have chosen to dishonor their heritage. It is true that the democrats have worked wonders all throughout the second half of the twentieth century ensuring the majority of black voters would vote democrat. To quote Lyndon B. Johnson upon his signing the republican introduced civil rights legislation-“I’ll have those ni***rs  voting democrat for the next two hundred years.” Perhaps if the republicans could just find a way to disseminate that information more minority voters would want to vote republican.

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