Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blacks advocating Racial Preference Laws......David Risselada

If you are a regular reader of my articles, whether posted here at The Radical Conservative or any of the other patriotic web sites I often contribute too, then you know the subject of “white privilege” and racism are subjects I write about quite often. I do so for a couple of different reasons; one, I believe there is a deliberate attempt to keep people in America divided along ethnic lines in an effort to stir up hate and discontent. I have proved this point by examining the radical tactics of the left and the constant use of the “race card” in a constant attempt to demonize any opposition to left wing ideals. The second reason is because I have read several articles that have led me to believe prominent black leaders, people the black community have admired may have deliberately been involved with this by advocating the idea that wealth and favored opportunity are owed to black Americans. In my last article I demonstrated this idea by quoting Derrick Bell, who is an advocate for Critical Race Theory. Bell says this about racial preferences- “A society that does not establish preferential treatment based on race and minority status is a society that “disempowers” colored people.” (John T. Bennett) What Bell is suggesting here is that black people must have a system that favors them simply because of their color and their experience of being oppressed in white dominated America. What many people are coming to question; however, is what exactly about racial preferences empowers minority people? Programs like affirmative action have done nothing but destroy the initiative of people who for all practical purposes have demonstrated that they have tremendous abilities and are perfectly capable living on an equal footing with the white man. In fact, the very notion that racial preferences could be a success in raising people out of poverty are defeated by the lefts very argument for wealth distribution. If their racial engineering was so successful then why the need to continue pandering to failed welfare policies? Why is the black population referred to as being “disproportionately impoverished? If their wealth redistribution policies were so effective, wouldn’t have we reached Utopia by now?  Again, I have to allude to the notion that it was all orchestrated on purpose, from a Community Organizing type mindset that set out to purposely create a system that would enable blacks to hold onto their anger. Let’s take these quotes from prominent black figures into consideration for a moment. They are from www.discoverthenetworks.org.
  • Eleanor Holmes Norton, former chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), has advised that we “stop quoting dead saints” like King.
  • Jesse Jackson has used the term “intellectual terrorism” to describe the suggestion that King, were he alive today, would oppose racial preferences for blacks in employment and education.
  • Legal scholar Charles Lawrence urges blacks to lobby for racial preferences and to “combat the ideology of equal opportunity.”
  • Lawrence’s colleague Patricia Williams supports “some measure of enforced equality” of results, rather than “blindly formalized constructions of equal opportunity.”
  • In Rethinking the American Race Problem, Roy Brooks contends that “there is nothing intrinsically wrong with using race in lawmaking or policy formulation.” Philosopher Bernard Boxill writes that while southern segregation laws were “certainly wrong,” other “color conscious policies like busing and affirmative action could be correct.” Benjamin Hooks, the NAACP’s former Executive Director, says, “The Constitution itself has recognized that there is color in this world. So from time to time we must use those [racial] categories to achieve the Constitution’s goals.” Mary Frances Berry, former Chair of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, claims that “civil rights laws were not passed to give civil rights protection to all Americans.”
  • Afrocentric scholar Molefi Asante charges that “integration makes us cultural hostages [and] threatens our existence as a people.”
Its pretty clear from reading these quotes that there are some very successful black Americans that are pushing for the idea of racial preferences. Eleanor Norton Holmes is a congress woman who recently tried to convince her constituents that Obamacare was failing because people thought the GOP repealed it. http://nation.foxnews.com/2013/12/30/dem-rep-obamacare-enrollment-low-because-people-think-law-repealed wouldn’t this suggest that she believes her constituents are incapable of informing themselves about the truth? It goes to show that she is a conniving liar as are all liberal democrats. You have a legal scholar urging blacks to push for racial preference laws and “combat the notion of equal opportunity.” The list goes on and as you can see, explains the mindset of today’s reverse racism proponents.
All of this is based on lies America and if we don’t do something to try to educate people in the fallacy of this type of liberal thinking then we ourselves are contributing to the decline of the nation. We have to get involved folks.

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