Monday, January 6, 2014

Modern Day Slavery Through Critical Race Theory.....David Risselada

There are some disturbing trends developing across America. Our system of government and our liberty itself is continually being labeled by the left as being racist and intolerant. Some outrageous lies are being told to back up these claims as well. For instance one liberal news anchor actually called the second amendment racist because it was written to protect slave owners from revolting slaves. To set the record straight on that claim freed slaves were actually provided with rifles by the NRA and the abolitionists to not only protect themselves from slave owners but the democrat controlled KKK also. This is just one example. Another more recent one is the way the media almost glorified the psychopathic killer Christopher Dorner in California. There was a narrative developing among a growing fan base that he was the victim of an oppressive white culture and he was fighting back against his slave masters. Never mind his murdered victims that had nothing to do with reasons he claimed to have killed them. No no… he was an oppressed victim.  Finally there is the University of Wisconsin that recently began teaching their students that it is “unfair” to be white. Wouldn't you have to be a racist in the first place to think that? Doesn't that suggest that the person who came up with that idiotic statement believes that whites are superior? All of these examples speak to the blatant hypocrisy that is constantly on display by the left concerning race relations in America.
Where does the justification that the left uses to make these claims come from? If you have read any of my recent articles you have read about critical theory and critical thinking. Designed to establish cultural Marxism in a society critical thinking is based on the idea of teaching people to criticize their own society in order to condition them to accept “social change.” Just to recap on its origins it was developed by Marxist thinkers at The Frankfort School of Social Research in the 1930’s. The simplest way to explain this is by saying they set out to develop a way to get people to accept communist propaganda. What does this have to do with race relations in America? I am glad you asked. From critical theory and critical thinking springs something called “critical race theory.” This is the theory used by main stream academia to justify teachings like “White privilege” which seeks to teach us that we are oppressors whether we accept it or not because we unknowingly contribute to and support a society based on white supremacy.  Critical race theory seeks to attack a system that does not offer up retributions for years of oppression by the majority. (John T. Bennett) In fact NYU law professor Derrick Bell says that a society that does not establish preferential treatment based on race and minority status is a society that “disempowers” colored people. (John T. Bennett) That’s a strange statement when you consider the actual results of a society that has established preferential treatment based on race and minority status. Affirmative action and welfare entitlements are prime examples. These policies have left generations of blacks enslaved in poverty and trapped in a cycle of generational welfare.
What many people do not understand about affirmative action is that it is based on a quota system. Schools and businesses are required to hire or enroll a certain number of minorities not based on their merit, just the numbers. What this creates in the long run is a mentality that reinforces a belief that they don’t have to try. Most blacks understand that the welfare programs of the 1960’s broke up their families and ensured that further generations of black Americans would remain dependant on welfare programs which does little more than destroy their incentive. What they don’t understand is that they continually vote for the party that did that to them, the democrats. So the critical race theorists are either ignorant or they are using this justification for reverse racism to their own benefits. Seeing as though black history has been radically rewritten and many historic facts have been forgotten it seems likely that critical race theory itself is being used to deliberately keep the black man down for the purpose of keeping others in power. Why would a proud people with such an amazing history of struggle and triumph accept this premise that society has to treat them differently after fighting all those years for equal treatment? Why would our Universities that used to be proud beacons of enlightened thinking resort to teaching this victimhood mindset? It is part of the efforts to collectivize American society, that’s why. Don’t you remember when President Obama suggested America was in need of a “collective salvation?” That statement was heavily influenced by critical race theory because his assertion was that we are carrying guilt from our “collective” past of slavery. This is reinforced by another statement made by Patricia Williams, Law Professor at Columbia University, which incidentally is where Frances Fox Piven, another die hard communist is still teaching as well.
“If a thief steals so that his children may live in luxury and the law returns his ill gotten gain to its rightful owner, the children cannot complain that they have been deprived of what they did not own. Blacks have earned a place in this society; they have earned a share of its enormous wealth, with physical labor and intellectual sacrifice, as wages and as royalties. Blacks deserve their inheritance as much as family wealth passed from parent to child over the generations is a "deserved" inheritance. It is deserved as child support and alimony.” (Patricia Williams, The Alchemy of Race and Rights 101 1991)                                                                                                                                                                What she is essentially saying is that black people are entitled to the fruits of others labors. This isn't surprising coming from Columbia University; I had a professor claiming to be a socialist who earned his degree from this left wing indoctrination center. This goes right to the heart of critical race theory and everything that its adherents believe, as it is just another means of accomplishing the main goal of the left, wealth redistribution. They claim that only whites can be racists because they have the structure of society to back their racism and blacks and other minorities cannot be racist because the structure of society does not allow them to be in a position in which they could exercise that kind of power to discriminate against a white man. Therefore they are not racists. So when outrageous crimes occur where blacks target whites it is justified because blacks are victims and whites are their oppressors. Personally, I don’t see how black Americans could tolerate this for a minute. They are allowing the so called intellectual elite to keep them believing they are victims, while they are also lying to them about their own history. Seeing as though a review of the historical record will show that it has been the democrat party that has formed the KKK, made up a majority of the slave owners, instituted Jim Crow, broke up the black family with dependency creating welfare programs and primarily governs the inner cities where blacks suffer the most it might be safe to assume that they came up with this theory to cover their own rear ends and blame the other guy. That is a core philosophy of Marxism you know, blame the other guy for what you are doing. If you think about it is affirmative action and welfare that keep the black population down. So in essence it is true that American society uses racists’ policy based on a belief that the white man is superior to keep the black man in his place, only it is the liberal democrats and their nanny state that is responsible for it. You would have to be a racist to believe that a black man needs special treatment because he isn’t as good as a white man in the first place. Mark Twain once said it is easier to fool a person than to convince one they have been fooled.  It is my belief that if we are to preserve liberty as it was meant to be preserved, we have to educate black Americans about the truth of their history and show them how insane concepts like “critical race theory” do nothing but keep them mentally enslaved to the self destructive mentality of entitlement. We have to build off the fact that black Americans by nature share our values they have only forgotten, that’s why we are under constant attack by the left, to destroy that fact and to destroy the legitimacy of conservative minded thinking.


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