Thursday, January 9, 2014

Who is Really Privileged?.... Forward by David Risselada

Janna Brock writes of Eric Holders recent announcement that targeting black children for misbehaving in school is now considered racist. Why? Well, Black Liberation Theology and Critical Race Theory, that's why. You see, it is unreasonable to expect young children who are generations removed from slavery and oppression to be able to adapt and achieve at the same level as those evil white people who live in a "meritocracy." White kids who behave in school are oppressors of black children who misbehave because white kids live in a system where they are enabled to get away with their bad behavior because the school system is build only to benefit them and their culture. Never mind the fact that our schools are so afraid to offend anyone except a white male because of multiculturalism. If society is being structured in a way that protects the protected classes to this degree than how in the world can they claim white people are privileged? Aren't we the new oppressed class?

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