Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This is What I was Warning You To Beware Of..... David Risselada

About a week or so ago I wrote an article entitled “A Country Gone to Pot” which can be viewed here, http://radicalconservativerisso.blogspot.com/2014/01/a-country-gone-to-pot-short-analysis-on.htm in which I very briefly analyzed some of the reasons in which I oppose the legalization of marijuana. Some people were a little upset with me as I neglected to mention the effect of imprisoning people simply for being in possession of the drug and the costs associated with doing so. This being so I had to address the issue while defending my position. My main thesis for opposing the legalization of marijuana was that in some ways it could represent the surrendering of your natural rights in order to receive a new one granted by government. With all the news of using mental health as a means of legislating against the second amendment I simply figured that the issue of mental health would in some way, inevitably be connected to marijuana use. At some point a bureaucrat would be able to make a determination as to what amount of pot is mentally safe and if you should be considered mentally ill for using it. Liberals already want to treat drug use as an illness that needs mental health treatment. What would prevent from doing so simply because it’s legal?
Turns out I was right folks. The above article discusses attempts by the Illinois state legislature to strip you of your second amendment rights if you apply for a medical marijuana permit. They are essentially conning you out of one right in order to benefit from a privilege. Look, this does nothing to affect the argument of whether or not pot should be legalized, I am only pointing out the fact that the government will use the issue to declare you incompetent for firearm ownership.
Say what you will about my knowledge on the argument for legalization, the intention of the article I wrote was to warn liberty minded people about the intentions of a government that you should know full well by now want to see you helpless and reduced to nothing but an automaton. Take that for what it is worth.
David Risselada

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