Sunday, January 5, 2014

Communism/Capitalism...Republicans/Democrats...Application of Hegel's Dialectic......David Risselada

As we watch the continuous power struggle in Washington D.C. (one that admittedly leaves us conservatives banging our head against a wall) you have to wonder if what we are witnessing is even real.  Surely most “constitutional conservatives” find themselves enraged at the traitorous actions on constant display by those in whom we have put our faith. These supposed conservatives are more than willing to compromise on all the ideals that we put them in office to stand for. What’s more frustrating is the ease in which this theatrical drama of Republicans vs. Democrats has divided Americans among deeply ideological lines. While watching from the sidelines it would appear that liberals and conservatives in D.C. are diabolically opposed to each other’s ideals, exact opposites of one another ready to battle it out in the halls of Congress for the soul of the country. The sad reality is that at the end of the day they all go out and have a beer and laugh with each other as they recall the day’s charades.  They are working side by side with one another, purposely taking this side or that with any given issue in an effort to set the tone for what they would like us to think. This is called the Hegelian Dialectic.
What is the Hegelian Dialectic?
A method of guiding the thoughts of others to a predetermined conclusion, the Hegelian Dialectic was adopted by Karl Marx and Frederic Engels as a means of guiding people into accepting their theory of economic communism. The founder of this “dialectic” process, George Hegel was heavily influenced by Darwin’s theory of evolution and believed that philosophical conflict would lead to the evolution of mankind. This is similar to materialism which claimed the same thing but in a way that concerned matter and not necessarily people. Hegel believed that through conflict mankind can be brought to state of perfection. The formula for this conflict was thesis-antithesis-synthesis. Another way of saying this is two opposing sides agreeing to settle their differences by coming to a conclusion that met somewhere in the middle. The truth is however that this conclusion is predetermined and the strategy itself is designed to get society to agree to it. The conclusion itself is nothing short of getting people to surrender their rights and liberties to the all powerful state, which of course, were the Goal of Marx and Engels.
It could also be argued that capitalism and communism are systems devise to achieve the same goal. Two ideologically opposed groups engaged in a constant struggle while inadvertently benefiting someone in the shadows.  Both world wars were products of the Rothschilds and were orchestrated to give the appearance of nations pushing a “Marxist Agenda” vs nations practicing Capitalism, the proletariat vs. the bourgeoisie, if you will.  While many of us have been led to believe the U.S. and western powers were the victors in these wars, we must ask ourselves if we really were. Looking at the events of the day it seems that the desired outcome of pitting two ideologies against one another, a move towards global dictatorship, has been accomplished. Through these was we have seen the rise of The League of Nations, predecessor to the U.N., the formation of the European Union where Europe’s national identity and sovereignty has all but been destroyed and a massive move to recondition the hearts and minds of America while inundating us with multiculturalism and moral relativism.
 Given the fact that our politicians are constantly fighting, and we have the republicans constantly selling us out under the false guise of “compromise” I would argue they are applying this theory and working hand in hand in doing so. There is one problem however; the idea of societies evolving to perfection through conflict has never been proven, nor has Darwin’s theory of evolution for that matter. In fact, I think you can argue exactly the opposite, that conflicting ideologies do not lead to the perfection of man when they are manipulated against one another. They only lead to dead people, millions of dead people as this dialectical process of applying Marxism throughout the twentieth century has proven. World War I and WWII, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Korean War, are all examples of this dialectic at work. It did not work out so well in any of these instances did it?
Perhaps this gives us a little understanding, some insight into why things in this country are so screwed up. Our political hacks that call themselves the elite are really proving how stupid they really are as they try to apply the same old strategy while expecting a different result. I guess there is one question that remains. Are they really expecting anything different or do they know exactly what they are doing?

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