Sunday, April 19, 2015

Walmart, Jade Helm and a Whole Lot of Speculation By David Risselada

The internet has been alive with the chatter of “Jade Helm.” A military exercise taking place in the American southwest that many conspiracy theorists have speculated is a “dress rehearsal” for martial law. There is a reason I have steered clear of writing about this and that is because I simply don’t know what’s going on.  Given the current state of global affairs, it doesn't seem that martial law preparation would be too farfetched of an assumption. There certainly is no shortage of writers that are willing to stoke the flames of fear by giving their opinions. I always love it when people claim to have an inside source.  Consider what the government’s reaction was to Edward Snowden a moment. If these writers truly had an inside source feeding them intelligence, they wouldn’t be on the inside for too long if you catch my drift. The truth is Jade Helm likely is some kind of conditioning exercise designed to get the public used to a military presence in their neighborhoods.  Let’s not forget that the National Defense Authorization bill of 2011 called for treating the continental United States like its part of the “war on terror” battlefield. With our government’s insistence that radical Islam poses no threat, and conservative constitutionalists are terrorists, it is very easy to let our imaginations run wild. Jade Helm is definitely something we need to keep our eye on.
This article isn't just about Jade Helm; rather it’s about the Wal-Mart closings and the speculation that they are connected to Jade Helm in some way.  Clyde Lewis, from the Ground Zero radio program discussed his opinions on this the other night. He was seeking to debunk the idea that the closed WalMart facilities would be used as Fema camps, as so many conspiracy theorists have concluded. Mainly, he discussed the fact that many of the stores that closed were also the same ones where employees were seeking to unionize, and protesting for higher wages. I am not writing this to show any support for unions, my personal opinion is if you don’t like working at Wal-Mart, go do what everybody else does and find a better paying job. With this being said, certain employees have come forward and suggested that the store closings were done in retaliation against the protests and attempts to unionize. This theory has some real validity to it as these stories appear to be fact. Let’s face it, Wal-Mart isn’t known for being an America friendly company. I am no fans of unions; however, I am also no fan of a corporate conglomerate that earns 446 billion a year while its employees still have to seek out government assistance in order to make ends meet. Wal-Mart’s relationship with the Chinese and its practice of selling cheap Chinese made goods has put many Americans out of work, and only serves to boost the Chinese economy, not ours. When the Chinese military acts as the worlds peace keeping force you can thank yourself for shopping at Wal-Mart. With all of that out of the way, it is easy to see how one could conclude that the Wal-Mart closures have nothing to do with Jade Helm. There still seems to be a piece missing from all of this that may just establish a connection after all.
WalMart has publicly stated that employees who have lost their jobs may be able to transfer to other stores or qualify for a severance package. The assumption is that Walmart will re-open in six months and seek to either re-hire old employees, or a whole new work force. What I am about to say is purely speculation; however, in my educated opinion, it makes a lot of sense. I think the Walmart closings are directly related to Agenda 21, which is the real purpose of the Jade Helm exercise. There’s your connection. Let me explain.
It isn’t an uncommon practice in American business to fire employees in order to obtain a work force at cheaper costs. I experienced this first hand as a welder. Welders used to be worth big money, in an effort to save costs on the hiring of qualified welders, tech schools began pushing them out at the rate of a dime a dozen, thus dropping the worth of a skilled welder. With Wal-Mart employees fighting for higher wages, it’s highly likely that the motivating factor behind Wal-Mart’s decision is the hiring of a cheaper work force. A cheaper work force that is working its way across our border with the help of the Obama administration and willing participants in the Republican Party that is. Think about it. People in both the Democrat and Republican Parties are avidly pushing for amnesty claiming it would be good for the economy. Looking at it from a business perspective it would be very good for the economy to hire workers who would work for next to nothing and be happy about it. What I am suggesting is that it’s possible that the illegal immigrants crossing the border could be what Wal-Mart has in mind.
So what is the connection to Agenda 21 and Jade Helm? While it is highly unlikely Wal-Mart facilities will be harboring and political dissidents, the connection is obvious to those who are paying real close attention. Agenda 21 isn't just about sustainable development; it’s about population relocation, resettlement and returning land to indigenous peoples. Most of these store closures are in the same states where Jade Helm is taking place. They are also in the same states that radical revolutionary groups like La Raza think they have claim to. Remember, the Obama Administration and many other radical groups believe the southwestern United States was stolen from Mexico and that we owe them this land back. At the beginning of April, rumors began to surface that Russia was threatening to arm Mexico in its attempts to reclaim the American southwest. It was shortly after that we began to hear initial reports about the Jade Helm exercises. Being a believer in the world communist conspiracy myself, I would speculate that the U.S. and Russia are collaborating in a fear campaign and that the Wal-Mart closures could be the first step in displacing an American work force and replacing it with the illegal immigrants coming across the border. Consider goal number forty three of the forty five goals of the communist party.
Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

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