Wednesday, December 30, 2015

From my Friend at the Daily Resistance, Nathan Laurensen

Obama Is The Commander In Chief For ISIS

The examples over the last 3 and half plus years of the west funding and giving ISIS weapons are beyond blatant. In this article we will layout a timeline with example after example. It is up to you the reader  to look inside yourself and accept the information being presented. The documentation provided comes straight from the culprits themselves and proves unequivocally without a shadow of a doubt that our government and the corporate government controlled media is complicit with this lie, that we are fighting a war on terror. The war on terror is a giant pork project boondoggle pushed by the military industrial complex and contractors in order to rake in billions of dollars.  This lie is so big, so in your face that if we the people and politicians admit this , then it may just bring down the whole system. This is truly a lie that is too big to fail and the people involved are to big to jail.
The  Council on Foreign Relations  published an article on August 6th, 2012 titled Al Qaeda’s Specter in Syria   which states that the Free Syrian army needs Al Qaeda in their ranks to bring discipline and may help their morale. This is the same Free Syrian Army that the administration has been  supporting to topple Assad. For everyone who says so what, who the hell is the CFR anyway, their not our government. This is a  secret round table group that sets, steers and pushes policies  for the government. In essence they are the government that operates illegally behind closed doors. Hillary Clinton even admitted in 2009 that she gets her marching orders from no one other than guess who the CFR.

I know everyone reading this article remembers the infamous Benghazi ordeal, which cost 4 Americans their lives. The Obama administration pushed a lie about a video that caused the uprising September 11, 2012.  A 100 plus page document obtained by Judicial Watch from the Department of Defense and Department of State  through freedom of information requests, which was previous marked secret proves that event was planned at least 10 days in advance of attacks. This clearly illustrates the administration was lying about the film being the driving force and  reason behind attacks. The documents also provide proof that the Obama administration knew of weapons being shipped from from Port of Benghazi to Syrian rebels in Syria.
According to an Associated Press article published April 20th, 2013 we gave the Syrian rebels 123 million more in  tax payer dollars, after already allotting 403 million dollars. In this article they admit we where using the rebels to over throw President Assad. Then in June of 2014 President Obama went to Congress to obtain a half a billion dollars for the Syrian rebels which is ISIS or Al Qaeda, or what ever flavor of the month you’d like to call these sunni wahhabists.
On Memorial day 2013,  Senator John McCain snuck into Syria to meet with FSA Commander, Gen. Salem Idris and other Al Qaeda linked groups. Is everyone making the connections now? Its 2 plus 2 level addition. Sen. McCain met with Al Qaeda on tax payers dime.

That clearly shows how ISIS is the same group, with the same flag, that we clearly have supported in Syria. More proof we have been behind ISIS.
In September of 2013 Sen. Cruz even made the bold statement that the U. S. is not Al Qaeda’s Air Force.
The statement came after many brave servicemen in uniform took to social media holding signs in front of their faces, stating they did not sign up to fight for Al Qaeda in a Syrian civil war.

Second Lt. Scott Bennett and Brad Birkenfeld a civilian banker for the Swiss bank UBS  uncovered  the CIA was paying terrorist recruits in upwards of $600 per recruit . Both were imprisoned for whistleblowing. Scott released  a document titledShell Game which lays out and details the ties between the CIA, Booz Allen Hamilton, UBS and terrorists.

Then you have the big enchilada the DIA report  . The report outlines how the opposition in Syria was Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafist and other Sunni Muslim extremist groups. This is the same Syrian opposition rebel group our loving government supported time and time again and admit in the report that was the groups we were supporting. Also in report it states that by supporting the Syrian opposition in a proxy war against Assad would cause Russia, China and Iran to support President Assad’s forces in Syria. In this report it names Syria and Iranian forces as Infidels as well. DIA Chief Gen. Michael Flynn said it was a willful decision to allow ISIS to rise in Syria by Obama.

Under President Obama’s plan to eradicate ISIS he has led bombing campaigns that have targeted nothing. No real infrastructure of ISIS has been hit or targeted  by the U.S. and when we do target oil or supply  trucks our military has been ordered to drop leaflets giving ISIS  drivers a 45 minute warning to get out of the area bombs are about to be dropped. This proves once again that this whole war on ISIS or war on terror is only theater.
If you look at bottom right corner of picture below you will see DoD news. What does DoD stand for? If you said Alex what is The Department of Defense for the daily double, you guessed the correct answer. Now its time to win the game and go all the way with the information presented and admit to yourself what you already know. Obama is the Commander in Chief for these radicals.
obama isis warning
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Before H.E. Shaykh Abdalrazzaq Hatem al-Sulayman  was lobbying for tax payer funds, the Pentagon and CENTCOM was giving him hundreds of millions of dollars to during  the Iraqi insurgency. More proof that the highest levels of our Government has been complicit and front and center of funding Sunni Jihadis.
This predated, the current Criminal in Chief. The point of this  article naming Obama commander in Chief of ISIS is meant to illustrate that the leader of the free world is actually a war criminal no matter the administration. How many examples do you need for this to register in your brainwashed propagandized  mind? Go to the mirror look yourself in the face admit it, then open your window and scream WE ARE FUNDING ISIS. Once you do that,  the awakening process will take place and finally at that point,  everything will start to make since.
One more little nugget of truth for you to chew on and  to help guide your awakening process, is that our beloved Government is funding actual Muslim charter schools here inside the United States.The school is receiving hundreds of millions of tax dollars to operate. These schools are led by a radical Turkish Cleric who is living here inside of the U.S. in exile from Turkey. He had help coming here from none other than the CIA and lives in a Pennsylvania compound. This group also is bringing in Turkish immigrants with fast tracked green cards to teach at the schools. Are these the people you want molding your child’s mind, while hing under the moniker of science and technology.Do you really need anymore proof?
The global elite who are the true puppet masters of these coward politicians need these radicals to keep the public in perpetual fear, so the tax dollars keep flowing into the giant pork projects called defense contracting corporations who run the intelligence agencies, and military industrial complex. Its also a fantastic reason to build the giant police slash surveillance state and control. How will the government get the  people to give up control to them? Bring in a threat and  cause a clash of civilizations. Then at that point the average lemming will believe their  security is being threatened and will accept any police state measures to make them feel safe. We all know those who give up their freedom for security will have and deserve neither. Classic Hegelian dialectic, problem, reaction, solution.

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