Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I'm finding myself at a loss for words. Our country is so twisted, so misguided and led astray. We live in a land that was founded upon the indubitable idea that the individual human being is worthy of dignity and far more important than any collective. Yet, we allow ourselves to be collectivized by politicians who play on our fears and beliefs while keeping us divided into groups for their own benefit. Worse yet, people have become so complacent, so comfortable with the status quo while focusing on their own lives they forget that preserving liberty is an obligation we all must share, or else the next generation will not know it.

People have come to accept the unacceptable, allowing their own power to self govern to be usurped by political parasites making promises they never intended to keep. They do this for two reasons. One, because it is their team, the man they voted for doing it, or two, they simply do not  know any better. Most people, because they have come to prioritize entertainment and self gratification are not even aware of the degree which our country has changed. Over the past decade we have been conditioned, trained if you will, in public schools, to look to government to solve our problems instead of being self reliant. It is a continuous, vicious circle. The government breaks our country, our constitution, steals our labor and morals, then they promise a quick and easy fix by voting for them in the next election cycle.

Sadly, each passing generation becomes further enslaved in this breakdown of the freewill because government has wrapped it's long, sticky tentacles around every facet of our lives. Whether it comes to educating our children, expressing our values or trying to get ahead the government is there with oppressive regulations which serve to limit man's capacity for growth. People blame the government, and others in an official capacity, then they turn right around and keep supporting the system that puts the same corruption back in office. Sure we vote for the man that better represents our ideals and makes better promises but in reality, we are voting for people that are preselected by others. In other words, the aspirant office seekers presented to us are running because it has been determined they will push the larger policy issues that really matter to those in the shadows, the ones we want to see defeated every time we vote. The most recent example is Donald Trump and his attack against Syria.

Is it so hard to believe that the global elite, which we thought Trump would stand against, could be so diabolical to train an individual to be the ideal candidate that would beat one they knew had no chance of winning? In other words, is it so hard to believe that Trump has been pulling the wool over your eyes since the beginning? Just as it was with Obama, Trump has his unquestioning supporters who will support his every move because he is not Hillary Clinton and called himself a Republican.

A lot of this would make more sense if everyone understood that society is constantly under a microscope, being studied and evaluated so they can use the things we believe against us and play us for the fools we are. Donald Trump played on our emotions on issues such as immigration and the repeal of Obamacare and as we can now see, those are dead-end issues going nowhere fast. While we are being distracted with these small petty issues, the larger one of carrying on wars of regime change to prevent sovereign nations from dropping the dollar as the reserve currency carries on. Yet, because of a lack of motivation and a fear to question their own choices, people will blindly support these wars without realizing they are the same ones planned before the attacks of September 11, 2001 even occurred. Such is the way I suppose.

Anyhow, we have a responsibility to uphold liberty and yet, as mentioned earlier, we have been conditioned to accept that government not only protects, but grants liberty. If we are to call ourselves constitutionalists then we better wise up and start exercising the liberty to question our president's while we still have it. We have to stop looking to government to solve all of our problems and start exercising the responsibility to solve them ourselves before the government comes up with a final solution. We have to stop letting them define the narrative and directing our morality. We need to stand up and say with conviction that we will no longer be accepting the things we cannot change but changing the things we cannot accept. We can no longer accept being lied to by people who enrich themselves over the loss of our liberty.

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