Saturday, June 3, 2017

Conservatives Aid in the Left's Agenda by Reacting To It

Kathy Griffin is now blaming Donald Trump and his family for the potential loss of her career. Like a typical liberal she is taking no responsibility for her actions and redirecting the consequences of her rude and crude behavior onto others. She is doing what the left does best, playing the victim of an oppressive intolerant society who doesn't allow for dissenting view points. Of course, we all know this is a bunch of baloney; however, by reacting to it at all we are allowing the left to win the battle in the ever going war against free speech and in some ways, we are accelerating their victory.

We are not dealing with rational people here. The left does not share the same moral base as those on the right. To them there simply is no right or wrong and because of this, there is no shame in anything they do. If you remember, Saul Alinsky taught his followers that believing in principles was for the weak hearted and an unwillingness to corrupt themselves for the greater good meant they didn't care about their cause. To be specific he said the following-

"In action one does not always enjoy the luxury of a decision that is consistent with both one's individual conscience and the good of mankind. The choice must always be for the latter. Action is for mass salvation and not for the individual's personal salvation. He who sacrifices the mass good for his personal conscience has a peculiar conception of personal salvation; he doesn't care enough for the people to be corrupted for them." (Saul Alinsky, Rules For Radicals.)

In other words, Kathy Griffin and others on the left do not care that they are hypocrites. They have a specific goal in mind that furthers their agenda and that goal is the destruction of free speech and in general, conservatism. Of course, people will be asking how Griffin's photo of Trump's decapitated head would aid in the destruction of free speech. After all, her ability to pose with such a photo is the epitome of what the First Amendment stands for. The protection of speech that others find offensive. Isn't it? While the left is on a rampage across the nation against speech they find offensive, our rallying call has been defending the First Amendment because it protects speech others find offensive. The First Amendment was meant to protect free, political speech that could be used to hold government accountable in order to preserve the people's liberty. Conservatives typically defend free speech fervently, even when they know the speech is being used to discredit America. In this case however, they have conservatives demanding that Griffin be boycotted, arrested, and fired because her photo was so offensive. In other words, they have turned many on the right into complete hypocrites who can't live up to the values they allegedly espouse to. The First Amendment doesn't just protect speech that liberals find offensive, it protects everyone's speech.

This is a deliberate tactic of the Alinsky left and it kills us every time. The following is the fourth rule of tactics in Rules For Radicals.

"Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity." (Saul Alinsky, Rules For Radicals.)

Many people fail to realize that the left gets away with what they do because many of their actions are designed to do exactly this, use our values and rules against us. It is very easy to label the right as hypocrites and extremists when we are always crying for free speech then demand the boycotting of someone because they do something we find offensive. All that does is aid the left's agenda of proving a concept like free speech isn't constructive. You can't label the left as hypocrites because they have no shame in what they do and they don't claim to have values in the same manner that those on the right do. As suggested in the first quote in this article, they are willing to fall to any level if they believe their actions will advance the agenda of destroying conservatism.

Many people probably believe what Kathy Griffin did was so over the top and offensive that it should be viewed as a threat to the president. While it was vile and telling of her character she didn't do anything illegal. All throughout the previous administration pictures of Obama hanging for treason were regularly shared by conservative groups on Facebook pages. How is this any different? Like so many other instances our reaction tells people that this isn't ok because it is being done to our guy this time, allowing the left to not only label us as hypocrites but play the phony victim game as well.

The worst thing we as conservatives can do is give this any credibility by reacting to it. Let them show their vile disgusting selves and the self evident truth of who they are and what their agenda is will be revealed. These people can take any reaction and use it to their advantage. By reacting to their antics we are giving them the opportunity to keep the pressure on and force us in a reactionary mode when what we should be doing is letting them show us who they really are.


  1. Secret Court Rebukes NSA For 5-Year Illegal Surveillance Of U.S. Citizens
    Ever since President George W. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the American people have become the most surveilled citizenry in the entire world. Our government tells us they are surveilling terrorists. But they are mostly surveilling US.
    YEAH! RIGHT! If you believe the FBI (or the CIA, NSA, DHS and every other alphabet agency in the federal government) has discontinued its illegal spying on the American people, you are the sucker of the century.
    I mean, just look at the kind of private information that a majority of the American people (including Christians and conservatives) post on their personal social media pages. Are you kidding me? All the feds (or non-government criminals) need to do is monitor people’s Facebook pages--which they DO, by the way. It’s unbelievable!
    And speaking of Christians and conservatives particularly, a majority of them see themselves as being so rabidly “law and order” that they are more than willing to eviscerate the Fourth Amendment under its rubric. I tell you the truth: a majority of Christians and conservatives have no more understanding and respect for liberty than the squirrel in the backyard who can’t remember where he buried his nuts.
    Both Biblical and Natural Law regard the protection of individual rights and liberties against government abuse to be sacrosanct. Where did this worship of government come from? Again, it came from the pulpits of America’s churches--and, with the advent of socialist government in America, also from university classrooms and media newsrooms.
    And lest you think the election of Donald Trump has changed anything pertaining to the unlawful spying of the American people by the federal government, it hasn’t. Trump repeatedly extols unconstitutional (except in the dark mind of Rudy Giuliani) “stop and frisk” laws; he fancies himself the big “law and order” man who often talks about protecting policemen from the American people.
    As with every President of recent memory before him, Donald Trump is not about protecting the American people; he is all about protecting government, his campaign rhetoric notwithstanding. That’s what most politicians are all about. Therefore, illegal government surveillance on the American people continues, regardless of who occupies the White House.

  2. Thanks for commenting, I enjoyed reading that. As far as a conservatives understanding of liberty I am afraid I would have to agree for the most part.