Sunday, August 13, 2017

It has been a while since I have written anything. I have sat and stared at a blank screen several times simply not knowing what to say anymore. Our country is so far gone, our principles so blurred and values redefined that many of us stand dazed and confused not knowing how to defend what we believe. Many on the right stand convinced that Donald Trump is going to fix everything just as many on the left assumed Obama would. Trump, Clinton, Obama and the rest of the false paradigm of left and right politics are nothing but a representation of how psychological manipulation influences our behavior. It is a false choice. Whether you support Trump or not it is a safe bet that ten-twenty years ago there is no way he would have been accepted as the conservative republican he now claims to be. Put him up against Clinton however, especially after eight years of Obama and he is a sure win. That's how they control our choices. Remember what Alinsky said about bringing people to the point of helplessness? Once they reach that point they will accept anything.

Just as it has been predicted, the right is slowly being set up to take a massive fall. Through the association of ideas those in the patriot movement are being portrayed as terrorists. The recent events in Virginia where the so called "unite the right movement" held protests against the removal of confederate statues is only fueling this fire.

For decades now the communist controlled education system has filled the heads of our children, our children, with lies of a racist white supremacist nation working hand and foot to keep minorities down. Everyone in America, except the white man is a victim of an evil, selfish society whose institutions were designed to benefit only the white rich. Slowly and methodically, the comparing of those on the right with the Nazi's of World War II Germany has led people to believe that Republicanism, conservatism or being a nationalist is equal to being a Nazi. Nothing could be further from the truth. The comparison has been so successful however that the term "white nationalist" is now being used to discredit the patriot movement, and in response the left wing groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are being portrayed as oppressed victims fighting for their rights. It will not be long, if this keeps up, until they are portrayed as freedom fighters.

It has to be assumed that certain so called right wing groups are actually being controlled by the left. Globalists insistent on a world government have been funding both sides of every war for centuries. Why would this be any different? Ask yourself what it is you believe in. Does a group of so called right wingers waving swastikas really represent that belief? Not likely. We are being set up and if we allow our selves to be led by these false choices and redefined values we will be on the losing end. We stand on the precipice of the perfect crisis the master planners have been waiting for. One that in the end, will see the complete destruction of our constitution and everything we believe our nation has stood for. It is imperative you understand that your choices and actions are being manipulated by those who have mastered the science of human behavior. It is all here, in this blog.

God Bless and God Speed

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