Sunday, August 3, 2014

It isnt a conspiracy anymore....David R.

In our weekly radio show, “Truth Trends,” Dr. Fred and I often laugh as we make references to the fact that we are of the conspiracy theory mindset. Every week there is usually some mention of needing to don our “tin foil hats” because we are venturing into territory that many may view as “being way out there.” I suppose to some people the topics Dr. Fred and I discuss may be a little much for them to handle, and thus, they brush it off as being conspiratorial or nonsense. Thats fine; however, the subjects we discuss are actually of a very serious nature and not everybody can handle the subject matter. To do so would require re-wiring the gray matter between your ears and rearranging your brain housing group. To accept that there is any premise of truth within a conspiracy theory is to admit that you have absolutely no control of anything going on around you, and most of us simply can not handle that, so it is rejected outright.

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