Friday, October 17, 2014

Blacks voting for their own Oppressors

Democrats truly have no shame when they are competing for political power. When it comes to ensuring they will win an election, they will sink to whatever low is necessary to do so. After all, it is the Alinsky way; and when it comes to shameless race baiting, liberal Democrats follow the method to a tee. They do it so well that one could argue that they have convinced blacks to vote for their oppressors.
It’s hard to imagine that any democrat would sink to the level they just did. Especially when you consider how low they have recently sunk concerning other issues like Ebola; where democrats blame the GOP because of “budget cuts,” and Sharia Law; where Maxine Waters accuses us of being bigots if we oppose it.  You can rest assure that there is a Democrat out there somewhere, who is ready and willing to set a new standard; and it has just been met.
Amidst the rising racial tensions in Ferguson Missouri, Democrats are attempting to convince black voters that failing to vote the Democrat ticket will only lead to more blacks being shot by white cops.
Do you see what was meant by a “new standard?” This is despicable, even for the Democrats. 
The problem is that black people are being shot by police not because white cops are racist, but because of the failed governing policies of the Democrat Party, and their push for utopianism. Democrats are in a desperate race to hide the truth of their abysmal failure. Black unemployment is far worse under Obama than it was under Bush because of the massive over regulation of the economy. Business owners and other “wealth producers” are being squeezed of everything they have and as a result, they have no money to invest.
Of course, if you understand Obama and the Alinsky way, you would realize that this is part of the community organizing method of keeping blacks down in order to rally them to your cause.
Blacks are being oppressed by the very party they keep voting for in an effort to get them to blame the country, to blame “white privileged America.”  
Blacks are suffering today because of the failed policies of the “Great Society” and the “war on poverty.” Democrat politicians have convinced blacks that they don’t have to work and that they don’t have to be responsible. Honestly, throughout most of American history it was the Republican party fighting for black Americans while it was the Democrats seeking to keep them oppressed. Truthfully, the Democrats have kept them oppressed through massive welfare spending, and programs like affirmative action, that do more to destroy initiative than motivate young black men.
Over the past half a century or more, over 22 trillion dollars has been spent on welfare and other means tested government programs, only to see poverty at the same rate today, as it was when the war on poverty began. This represents the true failure of socialist policies, because socialism does nothing but drain a nation of its resources while simultaneously destroying the self worth of its people.
The real problem rests in the fact that we have let generations of “academic eggheads” redefine terms like racism and discrimination. These words no longer have any meaning in our society because their true meaning has been diluted with ridiculous theories based on nonsense.
The word racism has come to represent a false ideology where actually believing people of color can achieve something without the help of the liberal Democrats is racist. Empowering the poor blacks in America now means encouraging them to riot against a system that supposedly oppresses them, in an effort to take their focus off their real oppressors, to the point where they are being shot by white police. In true Alinsky fashion, the Democrats use this to keep the cycle going. When will they see this for themselves?

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