Sunday, October 26, 2014

FCKH8 is just another group of useful idiots working for the Communists.

In recent weeks we have witnessed an over the top effort on the part of the left, to discredit America and everything her people once stood for. The closer we get to the national elections the more chaos seems to be ensuing, and in the face of increased jihadist activity we have the national media actually warning people to beware of “Christian Extremists.” This is because the left despises Christianity so much, they are willing to abandon their own principles and submit themselves to Islam because they are afraid of having their own head chopped off. Such is the way I suppose.That is really what it all comes down too, the lefts absolute hatred of Christianity and traditional values held so dear by many Americans. There is one advocacy group in particular that is pushing the bar to the far reaches of leftists extremism, and as usually is the case with radical leftists, they seem to be another in a long line of useful idiots pushing a cause they don’t fully understand.  The group FCKH8, which is an abbreviation of f**k hate,” has been making some explicit videos concerning issues like homosexuality, racism and women’s rights featuring little children using the “fbomb” in a threatening and inappropriate manner in an attempt to discredit Christians as being haters. I think any thinking person would agree that the only people being discredited as haters is the group FCKH8.
Their latest video “Fbombs for feminism,” is a perfect example of how vile and clueless the left really is. The video is another in a long line of feminist attempts to discredit America and the alleged “patriarchal” male dominated society in which they claim we live. The truth is the feminist movement is just another group of exploited individuals being used to push the progressive cause of transforming America. In other words, the movement itself is an invention of the Communists.
In her book, “The Feminine Mystique,” Betty Friedan went about the work of the Communists by convincing women that they were victims of a male dominated society that sought to keep them barefoot and pregnant. Friedan was an avowed member of the Communist Party who went to great lengths to keep this fact from being known. This is the same tactic that the Communists used in organizing blacks in America as a voting base. According to Dr. Henry Makow, they had tried to do the same thing with the labor movement early on, but because their efforts to take over were resisted, they focused on women and blacks by teaching them they were oppressed.
The children in the “Fbomb” video are being exploited in an effort to further erode the family as an institution. The family in America represents not only traditional American values, but also the basic unit of self governance. It is the very ideal of liberty where families, not government, are responsible for the upbringing of children into society and having the freedom to teach them their values.
The feminist movement is doing nothing but destroying the real role women should be playing in their families. Their argument is doing nothing but turning women that were once strong, independent and able to pass values along to their children, into demanding, victimized women who are becoming increasingly dependant on government. This is the goal of Communism folks. Lets take these points from the forty five goals of the Communist takeover as an example.
Isn’t that all the feminist movement has accomplished? In their fight for total equality, where they seek to be just like men, women have forgotten that they are needed by their children. Many children are coming home from school and being raised by video games, or in some cases the state. In other situations, children and babies are being dropped off in state run daycares like “head start,” (which is often times subsidized by the state) where their marxist indoctrination begins. The mothers desire for a career, or even the absolute need today to have two incomes is keeping many families from being together. Also, the feminist movement and the idea that women can make it without men is doing nothing but encouraging easy divorce.Many marriages, around 50%, end in divorce after just a few years. Consequently, the children of divorced parents are four times more likely to get divorced themselves.
I understand of course, that divorce isn’t attributable to just the feminist movement. Many men are just as responsible for being cheaters; however, this doesn’t discount the fact that the feminist movement seeks to present all men as sexists and society as being “male dominated.”  The truth, as mentioned above, is that the destruction of the family is an essential element of destroying Americas culture. The Communists are dependant upon populations of people whom they can manipulate and convince they are oppressed. By first discrediting Christianity and the Biblical worldview of marriage, where man and women are complete equals with different responsibilities-
the communists have been able to push an alternative worldview onto an unsuspecting population. They are now using your children to push this worldview in much the same way Adolph Hitler trained children to go against their parents values. The end goal is the destruction of the family and the re-structuring of society with the state as the head of the household. Everything we are witnessing today, from Common Core,  nationalized health care, fabricated racial violence and the FCKH8 “Fbomb” video is working towards the cause of total state control.  The fact that the left is willing to let these young children to use such foul language to push a cause they cant possibly understand should be all the proof you need.

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