Monday, June 8, 2015

Patriot Update's David Goetsch reviews "Not on my Watch: Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education "

I have reviewed many books over the course of my career. Nevertheless, it is a special treat to review the new book by Patriot Update author David Risselada. NOT ON MY WATCH! Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education is an outstanding book written by an outstanding author. David is a patriot who served our country as a Marine and a soldier. He is also a scholar and an accomplished author. But what makes his new book especially credible is that David is a warrior in the cultural battle that has been raging in education since the 1960s and still rages to this day. Consequently, David’s description of the Marxist agenda in education is the first-hand account of a warrior who has fought against the pernicious forces of radical liberalism that have infected education for decades and—like all real warriors—he has the scars to prove it. If doing battle with mushy-headed Marxist professors resulted in combat decorations, David would wear the Medal of Honor.
David begins his narrative with these words: “Our country has changed; we are no longer the bastion of freedom we once were. Somewhere along the line our beloved nation has taken a hard turn left and we have been steadily driving down a road toward totalitarianism. The general public seems to be completely oblivious to it, and those who have noticed are struggling to get others to wake up.” In just one paragraph, David summarized two of the biggest problems facing America: 1) the unrelenting onslaught of Marxism, and 2) the apathy of those whose freedom is being undermined by the Marxist agenda.
Fighting back against the first of these problems and trying to overcome the second are high on the list of David’s priorities (as well as mine and the owners of Patriot Update). With his new book David has taken a major step forward in the war against creeping Marxism while at the same time equipping those who should be engaged in it with the information they need to join the battle. For example, the book begins with the Constitution, a document David and I both swore to defend when we joined the United States Marine Corps. To Marxists, the Constitution is anathema. It represents the biggest impediment to their pernicious agenda and the most effective weapon freedom loving Americans have for thwarting that agenda. But in order to defend the Constitution—and in turn the liberty encoded in it—freedom loving Americans must know what is in it; what it says and what it doesn’t say.
NOT ON MY WATCH! Provides readers with a full and accurate account of such issues as how the left has used education to demoralize America; how the myth of white privilege has been perpetuated by mushy-headed liberals; the nefarious teachings of Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward, and Frances Piven; the truth about the Occupy Wall Street movement; and the left’s psycho-political agenda to name just a few. David also summarizes the goals of the communist party; many of which have already been achieved right here in America. Thankfully David goes beyond just exposing the problem, he also explains in clear terms how freedom loving Americans can fight back.
Consider the final paragraph of the book: “Everything that we are experiencing in America is an all-out assault on the free will of mankind. Free will is a gift given to us by God; without it we will lose connection to him. Remember, one of Karl Marx’s stated goals in the Communist Manifesto was the destruction of God in the minds of men. What we are engaged in is a spiritual war for the heart and soul of man, my friends. If this generation doesn’t stand to take our nation back, it is highly unlikely the proceding generations will be able to.” This paragraph is a powerful call to action. David’s book is the battle plan. I recommend that you read it, suggest it to other freedom loving Americans, share it with your children, and then take your place among those of us who are determined to fight for what is right and good in America. The book is available at: Also, watch for David Risselada’s columns that appear regularly at Patriot Update.


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