Monday, January 9, 2017

Critical Theory and Social Change

As we approach the much anticipated end to the Obama presidency, it would be difficult to argue that much of his agenda has not been accomplished. He set out to "fundamentally transform" our culture and looking at America today, it is almost completely unrecognizable. Our culture has changed and American society has come to accept many things that once, would have been unheard of. Homosexual marriage, transgenderism, racial riots, the acceptance of government control in health care and the idea that people should be able to freely cross our borders at will are new realities that we live with everyday. While the election of Donald Trump is certainly a repudiation of these new realities, the truth is that nearly half of the electorate is still willing to fight for them while our education system indoctrinates new leftists everyday. How did America, a nation once steeped in Judeo-Christian morals come to accept an agenda that is antithetical to the very values the nation was founded on? The answer can be found by examining a doctrine known as Critical Theory.

Critical theory was developed in The Frankfort School of Social Research, which was an institute designed to study and implement cultural change. This is the birthplace of Cultural Marxism. In 1933 Nazi Germany found the school to be teaching precepts that were in disagreement with the national socialist movement, as Marx and his followers advocated for global communism, so the school was forced to relocate where it found a new home in the United States, at Columbia University.

Critical theory is often times disguised as critical thinking. As students are challenged to critically think about social issues affecting society, they are actually being encouraged to criticize mass culture and view American society as the cause of the problems being discussed. Many people make the assumption that critical thinking implies a thoughtful analysis on how to solve a problem. While the traditional definition of critical thinking supports this idea, all too often left wing professors are offering an alternative view point in the hopes that students will see the culture in which they live as the problem and accept their solution. This is the true purpose of critical theory, to get Americans to criticize their own culture and accept socialism as a solution. Critical Theory could be described as a practical application of the Hegelian Dialectic.

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