Monday, January 2, 2017

White Privilege and the Real Racist Attitudes of the Left

Across the nation public universities continue to push the false "white privilege" narrative. Liberal colleges, in an attempt to prove America is a racist, white supremacist nation, push the idea that white people are the beneficiaries of unearned privileges in American society. They insist that minority populations are oppressed victims and that American institutions, being set up only to benefit the white man, systematically discriminate against them. Not only is this false ideology limiting the potential of minorities in America by insisting they cannot succeed in such a racist country, it is creating a new racial hatred which if left unchecked, will surely end in violence. We have already seen this take shape in the revolutionary movement against police known as Black Lives Matter. Sadly, blacks and other minorities are being exploited in America. They are being used to stir up chaos and discontent in a strategy designed to fundamentally transform the nation, and the teaching of white privilege is but a means to this end.

White privilege education originated in Wisconsin in 2009 when the Department of Public Instruction developed a program called Create Wisconsin. The program was supposedly developed to address the achievement gap between white and black students. Educators argued that too many minority students were being placed in special education programs because public education was geared too much toward the "white culture" without addressing cultural differences between whites and minorities. From here, the idea that our society created conditions which made it impossible for minority students to succeed took hold. Every year there is an annual White Privilege Conference hosted by a group bearing that name. Their goal, as noted on their public website is to "deconstruct the white culture" in order to achieve racial justice. Looking at the way racial identity politics have taken a hold in America it could be argued that they are succeeding in their efforts.

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