Wednesday, June 4, 2014

America is over folks

America, this is a video of the latest white privilege conference that is held on an annual basis. Educational institutions, social workers, and others on the left flock to this event to learn how to indoctrinate children into leftist thinking. I have been warning you for years. Our own kids are being taught to hate this culture, our constitution and our way of life, while we just sit by and let them spill these lies. If this goes on folks America is done. 

What makes this all more disturbing is the fact that I have called every government entity trying to bring this to the attention of anyone who would listen, and no one has expressed any concern over any of it. In fact, many politicians hold the opinion that the institutions pushing this reverse racism are entitled their "academic freedom." What is academic in teaching a group of people to hate their own country and culture by telling them they are racist? This white privilege ideology teaches your children that the very society, the people that work to maintain our society, is infected with "institutional racism." This means that that the left is portraying America as a nation whose roots and culture is embedded with racism, and our institutions systematically discriminate against minorities in order to benefit only the white man. They teach that our constitutional system of governance is an oppressive meritocracy where blacks are unable to compete against whites in a free market system designed only for whites. They are doing this for one purpose America; to destroy the nation, period.

They teach these lies because they are the ones filled with hatred. They lie about slavery and the truth about Americas civil rights history. White people were some of the first slaves on American shores, and Republicans have been the ones continually standing for civil rights, while Democrats like Lyndon Johnson made comments like "I'll have those ni**ers voting democratic for the next 200 years." By saying this Johnson was referring to his "great society plans" to ensure that blacks became dependent upon government handouts, therefore securing their vote for generations. By hijacking our education system, the left has ensured that our youth will forever be ignorant about our true history.

America, there is only one way this can end if it continues on, and that will be the same way all ideologies based on hatred and lies come crashing down. This hatred will manifest itself into violence, and people will focus all of their rage onto the white man because of the "unearned privileges" he has in this society. The white man however; is not the only victim in this deprived game for power. The black man who is constantly being taught he is a victim, whose hatred is being stirred up by those that view him as simply a tool to achieve a political end, is being destroyed. This is nothing but pure evil America, and your complicity, your silence, is contributing to the destruction of all your love and hold dear. 

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