Monday, July 7, 2014

In a world of limited options you must become your own solution.......David Risselada

Often times you hear people express feelings of antipathy when presented with the facts about what is going on this country. I am not talking about liberals; but patriotic, conservative American's (so to say) who feel like the choir when being presented with the latest "events" if you will. There is little doubt that many people are fed up with what they are constantly hearing, as they understand very well that Obama is out to destroy the nation, period. People are at the point where they want to hear solutions instead of the same old story about Obama being a Marxist who is executing the Cloward Piven strategy, or that he is arming Muslim terrorists while trying to take our guns. Here in lies the point, we have long ago passed the point  of solutions America, because we have surrendered any real possibility of coming up with any. We have turned a blind eye to what is going on for far too long, and while there has been a consistent voice ringing the alarms for the duration of this nightmare, many of us are awakening right before the real nightmare begins. At this point there is next to nothing that can be done.

When discussing the idea of solutions its important to understand that a solution cannot be presented by the majority of the people unless they all understand the problem. Not only has the left skillfully kept the nation divided amongst racial, political and economic classes; they have also done a masterful job of causing hate and discontent within our own ranks (The Republican Party.) With this in mind, understand that those of us who feel  we have something to contribute to the argument feel the need to educate people while analyzing the events of the day in order to get people on the same page. Once again, you will never come up with an effective solution if all involved do not understand the problem. In short, one of the solutions is education; however, the subject matter that entails understanding socialism can be very hard to follow for those uninterested, and because of this we are back at square one, preaching to the choir who understands what is going on but wants a solution.

Honestly, I am not sure a solution even exists at this point. We are living in perilous times where our government has turned its back on those it leeches from, or excuse me, is supposed to be serving, in favor of immigrants from the third world who have no intention of assimilating into our culture, only benefitting from the work of hard working Americans being drained of their livelihood.   Todays America is one where patriotic veterans, people who volunteered to serve our nation are the terrorists, Christians are the oppressors, police arrest American citizens protesting illegal immigrants, while these immigrants reap the monies promised our finest whom, we have sent to war.  We are at that point in time described in the Bible where the truth has become the lie and that which is bad, has become good, and that which is good has become bad. Woe to those who subscribe to such foolishness.

There is one solution for sure, an all out revolution; however, if you cant see that Obama and his Marxist cohorts are daring you to start one, than you need to pay more attention. Our entire federal bureaucracy of alphabet agencies has been armed and is staffed by people who may as well have been trained in the old Soviet Union. They have no love for America and are only loyal to the head of the executive branch. While many feel such a conflict is inevitable, starting it is a sure way to increase the power of those we are seeking to dethrone. Also, these agencies, along with local law enforcement and military, are being psychologically conditioned to believe that the Constitution is standing in the way of progress, and those seeking to adhere to its principles should be considered domestic terrorists. Even if people we are supposed to trust are able to resist this type of conditioning, they still need a paycheck, and as we are witnessing now in Murrieta California, will carry out unconstitutional acts to ensure they receive it!  This is all attributable to the philosophy of Joseph Gobbles of course; tell the lie often enough and people will eventually believe it. In this case the lie is that Americans are terrorists, the Constitution is what is wrong with the world and immigration to the United States is a human right.

Another possible solution is take the Gramsci approach; attempt to institute change incrementally so that in 100 years we would have infiltrated the institutions and restored America back to a Constitutional Republic, where it will once again be a beacon of liberty. This would of course, entail a great deal of re-education and mental conditioning in order to get people to see truth with their own eyes. There is one major problem with this approach however; conservatives are not interested in social sciences like the left is, and without understanding human behavior the way the progressives do, there is no chance we would be successful in this approach. After all, we are dealing with people who have been able to change the convictions of people by grabbing them as early as possible and exposing them to leftist thinking and mental conditioning techniques. They truly believe they can condition someone to possess an unshakable belief that snow is black.  Given the fact that we currently have Obama supporters begging for communism in California, despite the historical evidence that proves it is nothing but a recipe for death and suffering, I am going to have to say that these conditioning techniques are effective.  In other words, the right had better start understanding a little about the social sciences being used against them if they wish to implement change is this way.

The way I see it there is one more solution, one that I'm afraid to say has even less chance of succeeding. I say this because I see an America that has become lazy and afraid to stand for what is right. Not only in politics but in all things. Nevertheless, I will discuss this final solution anyway. People need to become their own solutions; people need to realize that if they have any love of this country than it is going to take every single one of us doing what  we can to contribute to this effort. People need to remember what it is we believe in and use their natural God Given talents in a way that can be useful to this effort. People need to remember what the left is and what they believe in and ask themselves, "Cant they do more out of love of country than some leftist can do out of hatred?" We all have something to offer folks, its about finding your place and committing what you can while putting the nation first above all else. For example, I am using the fact that that I was educated by leftists teaching the very things we are witnessing mind you; Cloward & Piven, Alinsky, White Privilege what have you, in an effort to educate people, its what I have to offer. I have refused to remain silent and I often times find myself wondering if I am causing myself more harm than good. It seems that in certain aspects of my life I have been completely black balled because of my conservative beliefs. No one should be black balled for any beliefs America and as long as your scared to lose a job, a paycheck, insurance , your car or whatever, you will never put the nation first and we will lose. The only way we will win this war is we all choose America is worth saving and start working together to get it done. Instead of looking for someone else to propose the solution, become the solution America!

Semper Fi
God Bless
David Risselada Oath Keeper III%

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