Sunday, November 2, 2014

Understanding Whats At Stake

I am at a loss of words. I have made the best effort I can to describe what this nation faces in terms of understanding the totalitarian mindset, and describing the goals laid out by global communists. Not only have I researched this thoroughly, I was also educated by left wing radicals acting as “social change” agents working to create good little “global automatons.” I once used the example of being forced to watch a video at Northeastern State University, in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, which blamed the United States for all the worlds ills and called for a global dictatorship established by the U.N. My professor in that class was an admitted communist.
I have also described in great detail my experience with “white privilege” and “multiculturalism.” As we watch the Obama administration incite racial hatred while allowing unprecedented numbers of illegal immigrants into the country, I can attest to the fact that this type of indoctrination was designed to gain acceptance of this agenda in the name of “social justice.”
America, we are at the point of no return and we have to realize that even a Republican majority in the house and senate can not set this straight. There is too much hatred, confusion and division in this nation and it is all based on lies designed to gain power.
To be honest, I don’t  think the nation we are fighting to save even exists anymore. We are fighting for an ideal, a principal that people abandoned and lost the will to fight for long ago. Even the Republicans that are likely to make massive gains do not represent an alternative, but just a vote against the Democrats; in much the same way that Obama was nothing more than a vote against Republicans.
I really don’t think people understand what is at stake. I don’t think people understand what freedom means and what it is we stand to lose if we don’t regain the moral upper hand.  Somewhere along the line freedom was redefined, and people began to believe that freedom meant being “free from responsibility.” This mindset is deliberately created because evil people know that the key to destroying a civilized society based on freedom is through the destruction of responsibility and the individual’s freewill. That is what is at stake America; the very definition of freedom and who will be defining what life means.
When we allow man to define life because promises to alleviate suffering are made, we abandon our own personal responsibility and allow someone else to assume it for us. Look at the welfare system as an example. The Democrats have been promising blacks for years that they will lift them from poverty, and provide them with everything they need. They are told that because their ancestors were slaves, the white man owes them everything; yet the black population, despite their loyal votes for Democrats, remains one of the most impoverished populations in America. Ironically, the impoverished,  run down areas in which they live have been under Democrat control for decades. By allowing other people to assume responsibility for what they should have been responsible for, many in the black community have suffered, their initiative has been destroyed and they have been reduced to useful pawns for people seeking power.
Another example is abortion and the debate about when life begins. Right now many pro abortion activists argue that after birth abortions should be legal because a fetus should not be considered to have any value as long as it is dependent upon its parents. As we speak, planned parenthood is seeking to place abortion clinics in your children’s schools courtesy of The Affordable Care Act. When the value of new life means nothing to humanity, what makes you think your life means anything? If the death of innocent babies can be justified because they cause a burden on parents, what will they do with those that have become dependant upon the government? You see, when man defines these terms there is no limits.
This is what is at stake in the battle for America; a struggle between the idea that life is an inalienable right bestowed upon us by God, or the idea that man is the grantor of our rights and the definer of life. If people choose to allow man to define what value life has, or what life means, people then give up their inalienable rights in favor of things that offer temporary comfort. Free will and the ability to choose for ourselves is sacrificed for false promises and false hope. As man gradually becomes dehumanized, and certain groups become a burden, the conditions for genocide are created. People will find it within themselves to justify the death of innocent people if they are perceived as being in the way of something better.
It will take much more than a Republican victory to change course America. It is time to humble ourselves, pray and seek the face the face of the lord.

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