Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why I write and the things I won't do.......David R.

As I sit back and ponder over the Huge Republican victory we witnessed the other night, I can’t help but reflect on some other thoughts as well. It’s been an amazing couple of years. Being involved in the patriot movement and contributing my thoughts and articles to the various websites that I have has been a great experience. Mainly because I can’t help but feel I contributed to making a difference; as a Marine veteran and an Oathkeeper, I decided this was not happening on my watch, utilized my best strengths and went to work.
 Its funny how it all started because I was beginning a social work program at a very liberal college at the same time Obama’s first term was getting underway. Immediately I began to notice the race baiting (white privilege) and the themes revolving around social justice and community organizing. It was funny how what I was learning in college sounded an awful lot like Barack Obama’s agenda. I can’t tell you how many times my college professors accused white men of being racist if they didn’t vote for Obama. In fact, I had one lesson, and this was in the textbooks folks, where a financially successful black woman was being advised by her therapist that resorting to a “victimhood mentality” commonly associated with black people would help her alleviate her depression because she had sold out to the white man’s ways. I kid you not, just look at how the professional left treats successful black people like Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Tim Scott and others and you can easily imagine this lesson being used to indoctrinate you into leftism. What’s the common theme between blacks under attack by the left? They are all Republicans.
With all of this being said it was essentially my college experience and being educated in community organizing, Saul Alinsky, white privilege and social justice that opened my eyes and woke me up. I began investigating and started making some amazing discoveries, all of which involved communist plots and attempts to convince people they were oppressed in order to usher in social change. With this, I finally reach my main point.
I started writing in order to share my experience and inform people. There is little doubt that America is in danger, and based on my own research I am convinced it is because of a global communist plot devised over one hundred years ago. The evidence is there, you have to search it out for yourselves in order for it have any meaning for you. The most important point I would like to make is that I do the best I can to focus my articles on things that I can at the very least, connect back to documents that support my thesis. There are many, i.e. the forty five goals of the communist takeover is something I can use to connect to real events. For example, President Obama, on several occasions has alluded to the idea that the Constitution is outdated and a hindrance to cooperation between nations. That is one of the communist goals folks. The Constitution by the way, is a hindrance to global communists and their minions, and that is why it has to be discredited. That’s but one example. Another is analyzing events through the lens of Saul Alinsky and his book “Rules For Radicals.” This is something that I understand and I can see being played out, so I do a lot of analytical writing based on things I can see and reference back to as being historical fact or at least relevant to the topic.
What I don’t do is claim to have inside sources within the White House and other high Government positions feeding me info on when the big event is going to happen. Besides, I am more of an “America is dying with whimper and not a bang” kind of guy anyway. The truth is some people write this way to attract people to their sites, which are generally loaded down with many advertisements, many of which go against the supposed values of the host in an effort to make money. I don’t have a problem with people making money per say; however, I do have a problem with people discrediting the patriot movement by claiming to have all of these high level sources giving top secret information exclusively to them, so they can make money. Why wouldn’t these sources pull a Charlotte Iserbyt and write a book themselves, as opposed to letting some two bit blogger make money by using his intell? Remember what the government did to Edward Snowden? If people were releasing this information they would be ousted as traitors by the Obama administration folks.
This isn’t to say that these people aren’t writing articles that contain an element of truth to them. They are likely coming to the same logical conclusions that many of us are coming to based on the state we are currently in, and spicing it up in order to strengthen their credibility. This doesn’t strengthen their credibility, it weakens the credibility of the patriot movement as a whole.
We have to be dedicated to finding the truth wherever it may lead us; admittedly, many of the articles I write are based on truths and concluded with my speculations about what could happen, or the possible state of mind that could develop in society; after all, I am educated in the social sciences. What I will never do is claim to know the dates of specific events that are already hovering at the hearts of our subconsciousness in an effort to make me appear more credible. What I will never do is knowingly lie to my readers for any reason.
Thanks for reading
David R.

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