Sunday, November 16, 2014

White Privilege = The Destabilization of America

“Warp law, order and morality. Demonize the police and those upholding the law. Make the bad guy look like a victim of society; justify his actions.”
The above quote comes from a story I referenced in my last article. It is entitled“From Russia With No Love” and deals with the topic of ideological subversion. This is a topic I write about almost exclusively, and it goes by other names such as psychopolitics or just plain communist propaganda. I chose this particular quote because it is listed as a stated goal of destabilizing a nation, and if you pay close attention to what it is saying you will see that we are now experiencing this very thing in Ferguson Missouri. The police are being demonized, and the bad guys are being hailed as oppressed victims whose actions were justified. Destabilization is the step that follows demoralization when “fundamentally transforming” a nation from freedom to communism.
I knew as I sat in a college classroom at Northeastern State University, in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, that when I was a called a racist and the subject of “White Privilege” was pushed upon me, that it was part of a darker agenda to undermine this nation. I just never realized at the time, how right I was.
In Ferguson Missouri, the activists are being organized by professional agitators, andDepartment of Justice operatives, in order to intentionally inflame racial strife. Lets not forget the textbook definition of community organizing.
“To destroy the structure of apathy by stirring up dissatisfaction and discontent; disrupt existing complacent expectations, and breaking down the individualistic orientations of community residents.”
It is being successfully implemented because the topic of White Privilege has been used to effectively “demoralize” the nation’s consciousness. The left has been attempting to condition Americans so they feel guilty, and to believe that America is an unfair place. If you ever have an opportunity to speak with a young liberal arts student you will see just how far gone we are. American students have been lied to on such a grand scale that it simply no longer matters thatblack people were not the first slaves on American shores. Nor does it matter that many Islamic countries still hold black people in servitude. America, and its privileged whites are going to pay because there is an agenda to transform our nation, not liberate black people.
The next stage in the process will be the crisis stage, which is what the destabilization phase is designed to bring about. The paid organizers and agitators will do their job and bring about the necessary crisis, which if played out correctly will scare people enough to accept the next step, which in normalization. This essentially means that communist forces are now implementing their agenda and attempting to get you to see it as a normal and necessary step in order to bring about peace and “stabilization.”
In the case of the Ferguson riots, the agenda is all about gun control and the acceptance of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty as the necessary solution to a fomenting race war. Before this is over we will see some bureaucrat suggest that the treaty  be ratified in order to prevent a tragedy.
If you look at some of the other goals of this “destabilization process,” you will see other striking similarities to real life circumstances we now deal with on a daily basis. Here are some other examples-
Destroy the religion of the enemy; mock and discredit it. Promote corrupt alternatives and cults.
Institute power structuring around unelected bureaucrats and the media
Just as it is the case with the forty five goals of the communist takeover, these are things that we see happening on a daily basis in our country. There is little doubt that this is a full blown assault to implement a communist agenda.
We cannot sit back and foolishly believe that the Republican victory is going to fix all of this.The Republican controlled House Of Representatives bowed their heads in Islamic Prayer, in our house America! Do you really think they have what it takes to stand up to this radical agenda?  If in thirty years our grand children are working in Chinese labor camps, or our constitution is dismantled, the people disarmed and rendered helpless it will not be the fault of congress, The Democrats or Obama. It will be our fault for not taking the time to realize the game that is being played and not trying to win because we have been neutered by propaganda designed to psychologically disarm us.  The communists implementing this agenda, now matter how much we call them out on it, will simply ignore us, because they think they are “The Elite.”

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