Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Islam, Obama, and the Communist Deception.........David Risselada

The above statements are taken from the list of forty five declared goals of the communist takeover of the United States. As I mentioned in yesterdays rant, repeating the truth over and over again should have the same effect as repeating a lie, until it’s accepted as truth. This is what we intend to do here at For Truth’s Sake. We are going to take the daily events and show how they are related to the Marxist takeover of our country. We are going to keep repeating the truth.
America has been growing increasingly frustrated with a commander in chief that refuses to identify our enemy for what they are; Islamic radicals. Many people would even argue that Obama is a Muslim, and thats why he gives favor to them. This would seem to make sense; however, I don’t think this is the case. In fact, I have expressed in several articles, my opinion that the Jihadists are nothing but “Lenin’s useful idiots” who will be done away with once an agenda has been accomplished. I am holding fast to my theory that Obama is a hard lined communist who is following a strict adherence to communist principles and “change strategies.”
Look at the above statements from the list of communist objectives. These goals were originally published in Cleon Skousen’s “The Naked Communist,” and were entered into the congressional record in 1963. What is the main theme that is present in all three statements? More to the point; what is the very first sentence in each phrase alluding to? The discrediting of America. Look at the third one in particular. The main idea is to discredit American history and give more emphasis to Russia “since the communists took over.” Expand on this a moment and just think about it in terms of comparing the so called “flaws” of America to the supposed utopia that is communism.
Nations across the globe are becoming increasingly intolerant of Islamic terrorism. In fact, Communist China has not only been banning Islamic prayer, but they have also been executing Islamic terrorists. Meanwhile here in America, Obama is callously releasing them. It would be easy to assume that he is a Muslim because of this; however, I am going to argue that Obama is a godless communist, using ISIS as a means of bringing about the “dialectical” crisis needed to gain more control, and eradicate religion all together. Let me explain.
In order to have a  global communist government, all religion has got be eradicated. Marx referred to religion as the “opiate of the masses.” Communism seeks to dominate all aspects of human life and expects to be worshipped as “the system.” These ISIS jihadists will not submit to the communists, and in the end they will be dealt with swiftly.
If you do an honest analysis of what is occurring here you will see that Obama is“purposely discrediting” America to make us look as if we are supporting terrorism at a time when the rest of the world is beginning to stand against it. Wait, there’s more. Consider the hegelian dialectic, and the article I wrote on critical theory. It is no coincidence that Communist China is taking the lead in dealing with these Islamic terrorists, and in fact; it may all be a deliberate set up. They are trying to portray Communist China as the nation that is dealing with these people in the manner most would like to see them dealt with. They are portraying America as weak kneed and yellow bellied, and portraying communism as a superior system when it comes to dealing with the terrorist threat. Its mental manipulation folks.
In order to add a little more relevance to my theory, I am going to go back in the past to the liberation of Auschwitz. Has anybody not noticed that the Soviet Union has been getting an awful lot of credit for being the troops that saved the day? Look at goal number 31 again folks. This is the essence of  the Soviet method of ideological subversion. Because Soviet troops were involved in the war effort against the nazi’s, nobody believed that they were in fact, committing their own genocide against their own people. This is why to this day, we live under this false left/right paradigm with everyone believing that National Socialism represents a far right ideology. Thats a whole other topic all together.
We are being played on a massive scale. If you are unwilling to consider the possibility that what we are witnessing is simply a charade, and the agenda is the overall destruction of all religion, then you will continue to be deceived. President Obama knows exactly what he is doing as he continues to release terrorists, fire military commanders, turn our military queer, continually attack Republicans, discredit America and dehumanize her people. Perhaps Obama is loyal to the Muslims after all; that does not change the fact however, that he is a seasoned Communist that has mastered the art of “psychopolitics.”

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