Monday, February 23, 2015

Whose Fault Will It Be? A commentary by David Risselada

This is another one of those "I don't know what to say" moments. I hang my head in sorrow as I watch the circus that has become the United States march right into the ash heaps of history. We are at the exact same point of so many countries, whose leaders suddenly launched a full frontal assault against their own people! Yet, we fail to see it because the masters of propaganda have successfully subdued us. How in the world does a nation of free men become enslaved? "One step at a time, thats how. As surely as the earth rotates around the sun, we were slowly educated to believe the ideals we stood for, the values we believed in and the liberties our forefathers fought and died for, were wrong. We became a nation of racists, sexists and "Christian Fundamentalists" who were just as dangerous as Islamic terrorists because nobody wanted to "make a scene" and challenge the narrative. As surely as I sit here now and write, I will tell you I spent the past five years calling my senators and congressman, warning them of the dangers of "white privilege" education, and the extreme "Anti Americanism" being taught in our schools. My senators and congressmen are revered for being some of the most conservative in the nation, yet they did nothing to investigate my claims. Now, children are graduating these prestigious universities ready to embrace communism as a solution to the "fabricated problems caused by too much freedom," and these politicians, retiring on the fruits of our labor, sit idly by and have the nerve to act surprised at the state of our nation.
As the evil ideology  of radical Islam advances against us, we are beaten down by the antics of partisan politics, and the shenanigans of people who think they are fooling us. Democrats filibustered the DHS spending bill that would have fully funded DHS while simultaneously defunding Obama's amnesty. This tells the nation one thing for certain, Democrats do not care about you, or the lives you have worked so hard to build. As far as they're concerned, you stole it. Never mind the fact that they lie, cheat and steal for a living  while being paid by the very money that you work for, that's irrelevant. This filibuster, and the argument to shut down DHS comes at a time when Somali Muslim terrorists are threatening to attack U.S. shopping centers. It's almost as if the Democrats are using this as leverage and will be more than ready to blame the Republicans for daring to shut down DHS in the event of an attack.  There seems to be one issue that no one is willing to address. Why is the funding of DHS even an issue when they insist that the biggest threat facing the nation comes from "right wing patriot groups" and not Islamic terrorists? This should immediately disqualify anyone who is serving in the halls of government. Then again, look at who is running DHS. America, military commanders are warning us that the highest levels of government have been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, it is military veterans, tea party groups and those believing in the ideals of the constitution that have been labeled as a threat.
Is this being done by a vicious group of fascists, hell bent on destroying America? Or idiotic, academic eggheads who think it isn't fair that Muslims are labeled as terrorists? Either way, it is empowering those seeking to kill you.
If all of this wasn't bad enough, Louis Gutierrez is threatening a "heightened level of militancy" by groups of illegals because a judge halted Obama's unconstitutional amnesty.  How is that no one in the congress, who claims to be a conservative anyway, is acting on this and calling him out? This man is threatening militant action in direct defiance of a court's ruling, and complete and utter silence is all you hear from those who claim to represent us. In the meantime, President Obama hosts a summit on violent extremism which opens with an Islamic prayer, is attended mostly by Muslims and excludes the head of the FBI. Cair praises a report released by DHS which sites the dangers posed by "right wing extremism," while Christians overseas continue to be beheaded and burned alive in the name of Islam. The Egyptian government is said to be filing official charges against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for their support of terrorist factions in the "Arab Spring," and yet our government is paralyzed in fear at the thought of being disliked by illegal immigrants; or being called a racist.
Our schools have become nothing more than soviet style indoctrination centers, designed to do little more than inundate your children with Anti American propaganda. They seek to take everything you ever tried to instill in your child and turn it upside down. They are turning our children into a nation of cowards that will know how to do little else except run to the government in time of crisis. We have become a society full of self loathing, lazy sycophants looking to do little more with their lives than saturate themselves with meaningless entertainment, which also fills their heads with communist propaganda. We truly have become the generation that will surrender essential liberty for security; and in true form, we will be left with neither.
Some of us however, see with crystal clarity where this is going. We have been the voice in the darkness trying to bring others to the light. We have faced ridicule, been shamed and ostracised. Some of us denied degrees. We cry into the night that we will not be silenced and we continue to speak against all odds, despite the overwhelming resistance which opposes us. We know what we face but we drive on with the belief that evil only succeeds because good men say nothing. We need more good men. We need to ask the question "whose fault will it be?" Obama's, for appeasing Islam and attempting to destroy the constitution, the Republicans who do nothing to stop him, or ours for not caring?
Well, would you look at that? I had plenty to say after all.....

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