Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The High Cost of Treason By David Risselada

Chris Murphy
Gun Grabbing Useful Idiot
There is something wrong with a government that doesn't trust its citizens to own a firearm. It reeks of treason as it becomes more obvious by the day, that the government in question can no longer control its lies. Motivated by what can best be described as “paranoia,” Democrat senators are once again pushing the issue of gun control at a time when they should be encouraging all of us to be armed, in order to defend our nation. After all, they swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, which states in clear language, the right of the people to be armed.
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Its pretty clear that the founders intent was for the people to be responsible for the common defense. The second amendment was not about hunting; but securing liberty for future generations. What are Americans supposed to think about a government that is hell bent on disarming them, based on the lie of “keeping us safe,” when we face the real threat of Islamic conquest on our shores? The FBI has admitted that there are 22 Islamic terrorist training camps in the United States, with sleeper cells ready to strike. Yet our government wants to disarm us. This reeks of treason.  The Islamic State (ISIS) continues its bloody rampage, while continually threatening to attack American soldiers and their families. Despite this, Democrats can’t stop their quest to strip us of our second amendment. Treason.
If this treason wasn't bad enough, realize that your government has omitted any reference of Islamic terrorism from all law enforcement manuals, and refers to patriotic Americans who know their rights as the real threat to national security. Treason. Please read the report here.
In fact, one senator in particular had some real interesting words as he introduced legislation to ban “high capacity magazines.” Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), accused American citizens seeking to acquire high capacity magazines, of doing so in order to arm up against the government. Treason. He thinks we are the terrorists.
 What can be said about a government that tries to disarm its own citizens while capitulating to the real threat we face? It says they have sold us down the river folks, and they know it. It says that they have stolen our childrens futures and sold us all out for a new voting demographic, and a seat of power in the new order of things to come.
While I believe many Americans are concerned about a government, that for all practical purposes, appears to be turning their guns towards them; I don’t’ think this is a fight we started. After all, it’s been government, not patriotic citizens, that have ruthlessly murdered  260,000,000 people throughout the twentieth century.
The truth is that Americans would be absolutely loyal to a government that respected their rights and understood their role in preserving liberty for future generations. Most people in this country, under normal circumstances, would line up in defense of a government they knew had their back. Chris Murphy’s fear of armed citizens has little to do with us and more to do with their treason and blatant corruption.
For decades now, the U.S. Government along with the U.N., has slowly been chipping away at our liberty, using the very money earned from our labors to do so. They have squandered our land, wasted our money, and enslaved our children with with an unpayable debt. They have called us racist and greedy while forcing a socialized health care system down our throat. They have enriched themselves with our money while hiding behind deceitful lies. They have infiltrated our schools and indoctrinate our children against us. They have insulted our integrity and spit on our heroes. They have given the country to those seeking nothing but handouts. 

That is our labor, our childrens future they give away. 

They have divided every aspect of this society against itself, while intentionally setting the country on fire. They truly seek to destroy us. You see, Chris Murphy and other "gun grabbing useful idiots," really don’t care about gun safety issues, they are having a hard time coming to grips with knowledge of their own betrayal. Come to think of it….. I would be scared too If I sold out my country. 

This is the high cost of treason.

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