Monday, February 16, 2015

Muslims Play Civil Rights Game in America By David Risselada

Muslim Rights

While Americans have been shown numerous videos of radical Islamists beheading Christians and burning people alive, Muslims in America have the audacity to pretend they are “oppressed victims.” Guided by the master of Community organizing himself, Barack Hussein Obama, American Muslims are enjoying the protection of special class of people while they employ the same civil rights tactics used in the 1960’s. Just as the left wing narrative justifies black on white violence in Ferguson Mo. as being caused by“white privilege;” Muslims are getting away with playing the victim card while their brethren commit unspeakable atrocities. We are constantly beaten down with lectures about “multiculturalism” while being treated like bigots in our own land. To this day the so called “moderate” Muslim community has said little in regard to the horrific acts committed by ISIS. At the same time, we are supposed to be reflecting on how “freedom of speech” can be offensive, and might cause someone to commit murder because they have hurt feelings. This is truly the height of liberal idiocy.
We have seen with the developing Brian Williams story that there is little the left says that is based in truth.  Everything they say is designed to fit the “social change” narrative and regrettably, anything that pushes toward this end is justified. Even if the story is completely fabricated, the desired effect often ripples through society so by the time the truth is revealed it has little effect on the outcome. The left works tirelessly to present every social problem as being the fault of Americans, white people and Christians. This false perception has been pushed so hard that it is getting increasingly difficult to find someone who doesn’t believe that white Christians are the world’s oppressors, even though nothing could be further from the truth. When it comes to the agenda of social change however, the left has proven that there is no lie too big and no tale too tall. After all, let’s not forget that the ends justify the means.
There has been a series of fires at Mosques in America, and while there have been no definite conclusions, the left would love to blame right wing extremists. Just as they jumped to conclusions and blamed the murder of three Muslims students on right wingers, a crazed right wing lunatic setting mosques a blaze would serve the liberal narrative well. The only problem is that it generally isn’t right wingers that commit these types of violent acts. Just as the shooter of the three Muslim students turned out to be a leftist who hated religion, so were the other perpetrators of the recent mass shootings that have shaken the nation’s soul. Many people may have a hard time believing that the left would deliberately lie about discrimination in an effort to push an agenda; however, that appears to be exactly what is going on when it comes to the Muslim community.
The Washington Times reported on a story that demonstrates what lengths the left will go to push for “social change.” A young Muslim student at The University of Texas claimed that she was followed by a white man in a camouflage cap and held at gun point. She claims that she was specifically targeted because she was Muslim. Never mind the thousands of Christians brutally murdered by Muslims, she was being targeted by a white militant male and that is all that matters in multicultural America.  The only problem is she made it up. Notice though how she deliberately described a “white male in a camouflage cap?” They are attempting to portray the American patriot as the terrorist here and the Muslim as the oppressed victim. What makes it worse is that the University president, when interviewed, didn’t even acknowledge the fact she lied; rather he went on about the need to be cognizant of student safety. It’s as if the narrative of “white militant terrorists” truly is his main concern. This is what happens when your own government publishes a report citing you as a potential terrorist.
In another unbelievable example of leftwing deceit, Muslims deliberately filmed an incident with a fake police officer to cite discrimination against Muslims. They must have taken this directly from the Al Sharpton handbook.  First, the two Muslims were dressed as ordinary men engaging in some form of law breaking activity. The hired (fake) police officer was filmed ignoring them. They then changed their clothes and donned Muslim garb, the police officer was then filmed deliberately stopping them while they were engaged in the same activity. The point was to prove racial profiling. As is usually the case, the revelation of the truth bears little weight after the initial shock has worn off, the damage has been done.
America, this is all being done to show just cause for passing anti Islamic speech laws.  While Muslim extremists continue on their murderous genocide, the so called moderates are pushing their jihad by hiding behind America’s civil rights laws. Barrack Obama, a master manipulator and community organizer has all the necessary tools at his disposal to help accomplish this agenda. He also holds just the right amount of vitriol towards white America to have the nerve as well. Don’t doubt for a minute that Muslims wouldn’t burn their own mosques in order to push this agenda.

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