Saturday, May 10, 2014

Communism and the use of psychiatry to silence dissent......David Risselada

 This is one of the 45 declared goals of the communist party that I frequently write about. This list of goals, as mentioned several times already, was entered into the congressional record in 1963. In other words, congress knows these goals exist, and if you have ever taken the time to read them you would see that nearly all of these "goals" have either been accomplished, or are in progress. 

Today, many people on the left are living under the delusion that communism is a higher form of society. This belief is actually derived from Darwins theory of evolution, they believe that societies can "evolve" and that communism is the highest, most fair economic system that can aspired to. Capitalism, in the eyes of the left, is oppressive and creates class divisions and economic inequality. What those on the left fail to realize is that the communist actually use and create economic inequality to foment discontent in order to achieve communist objectives. This is best realized by studying the tactics of Saul Alinsky and watching Barrack Obama implement them.

Communism, on paper and in theory sounds good; however it is an impossible goal to reach as man is not capable of creating such a perfect system without God. Even Vladimir Lenin admitted that communism cannot be immediately achieved, and there would be the need for "psychological conditioning."  "Only if the proletariat is prepared to accept its responsibilities under the socialistic dictatorship of the proletariat and to use its power to develop the objective and psychological conditions essential to full communism will the highest stage of communism be ushered in." (Vladimir Lenin)

Communists believed that their ideas were the absolute truth and that everyone should want to see a society in which total fairness and complete equality were being administered by an all powerful state. Again, this belief derives from Darwins thesis that man is an accident and needs to be managed. Communism is atheistic in nature or the antithesis of God because the ideals of equality that Christians hold, as compared to those of communists are the exact opposite. Communists seek to create a world in which everyone is "equal" (this means everyone is equally poor) and Christians believe God created us all with equal rights under natural law. Looking at through this lens its easy to see why the communists had to achieve this goal first in order to get people to accept communism. "Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of separation of church and state."  The very phrase "separation of church and state" is communist in origin and is no where in the constitution folks. (To put this into better perspective refer back to Lenins quote above.) What ended up happening, and not just in Russia but anywhere where this sickness took a hold, was that anyone who stood in opposition to the communist ideals of "fairness and equality" was labeled mentally ill and sent to the gulags and murdered. This ideology, this quest to create a perfect society led to the murder of nearly 100,000,000 people, and yet, those that opposed it were considered mentally ill. 

Today, we live in a system where huge pharmaceutical companies are raking in millions by administering powerful psychotropic drugs to kids who have been labeled mentally ill. Psychiatrists, through the use of the DSM (Diagnostic Staticians Manual) are able to diagnose children with everything ranging from depression, ADHD, Bi-polar disorder, and any other mental illness that happens to be listed in the manual. The big one now is Oppositional Defiance Disorder. This disorder can best be characterized by showing defiance to authority and displaying hostility. In other words, it has such a broad definition that anyone could view any childs behavior as being "oppositional" and that would be enough to have the child diagnosed and prescribed a drug. This should alarm all of us as in the United States there are nearly seven million children on these drugs. Many of them are on more than one and in many cases these drugs are force fed to children against their will. This is especially so in Americas foster care system. Children are often ripped from their homes by state child "protection agencies," sometimes justifiably so, and then diagnosed with depression or "ODD," and then drugged so they fall into compliance. If that isn't disturbing enough, this article demonstrates that some states pay foster parents one thousand dollars a day if they are in custody of a child who is taking mental health medication. This does nothing but ensures that foster parents will continue to administer these drugs to children against their will.

What’s the point in doing this? What will our society be like after these kids, who have been ripped from their homes and forced to take drugs they don't need, grow up and integrate into society? For one they will have been diagnosed with a mental disorder, and if gun control advocates have their way, this will prevent them from ever owning a firearm. Labeling our society "mentally ill" is the easiest way to control us. Today’s generation seems to have an inability to question anything, they just blindly go along without ever giving any thought to what is occurring around us, and in some instances, they are actually asking for communism. As the left continues to label anyone who opposes their ideals as being racist, or against equality, and continues to push the idea of "collectivism," you really have to ask yourselves, based on the history, who are the ones that are mentally ill? 

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