Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All aboard the fundamental transformation choo choo train......David Risselada

America, over the past year and a half I, have been writing articles detailing the emergence of the global communist government. Many people refer to this as the "new world order," and I suppose that is exactly what it is. We witness everyday in this country, the rapid rise of the all powerful police state and the demise of the individual sovereignty that this country was built upon. The citizens, at this point, are essentially powerless to stop it as mass conditioning methods, psychology, propaganda and fear are used to confuse the masses and keep them from uniting together on any one issue. Sadly, the only people in this country that are united on anything are those who have dedicated themselves to telling the lie in order to destroy this nation. Every level of our infrastructure has been infiltrated with communists who are pushing propaganda which is used to get people to view America as the evil of the world. I have discussed this in great detail through articles describing the "goals of the communist party;" one of which was to discredit the U.S. Constitution by calling it inadequate for modern times. If you have adopted that worldview than you're nothing but a useful tool of communists who in the end will kill you. 

Many people attempt to discredit me and the others who are awake, and watching in horror as Obama fundamentally transforms this nation. It is unbelievable how effective propaganda can be when you can, through education, convince people to accept communism. Our education system has intentionally, over the past 100 years, been dumbing you down with communist propaganda and a leftist agenda that has conditioned many to be unable to question authority because they are literally so uneducated about facts, they wouldn't even know how to question anything. Yet, because this same system has been teaching them that America is evil and unfair, and government is the answer to all things, any attempt to educate them on the U.S. Constitution is null and void. 

As usually is the case, this little rant is merely "preaching to the choir." There is a reason for it though. This video is the hard core proof that Obama is working hand in hand with the global elite to destroy the U.S. and create an all powerful world order. Speaking at a conference in Brussels, Obama can be heard saying that people are too small minded to self govern, and order can only come when people surrender their "rights" to an all powerful sovereign. Take that for what it worth America. If it alarms you, pass it on, if not then prepare to board the choo choo trains of fundamental transformation. All aboard!

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  1. I couldn't agree more, David! Keep preaching even if to the choir :)